Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #403

Anne: I start this blog with about 2 frozen margaritas in my tummy...so read on and beware. I am usually not a chatty person, even though my conversation stream gets a little side tracked every now and then, but when I get slightly tipsy...Watch Out! All of a sudden I have a TON of things I want to talk about. I'm not exactly sure if I make any sense, but at least I think I'm interesting...Ha Ha. 

I have now become officially my department's party planner. I have events lined up for every single month for the rest of the year. Pretty much what I would like to do is just relax with food and drinks, but of course, being employed with a bunch of type A personalities requires some competition to be included. I am VERY tempted to do a Dance Dance Revolution contest because I will win, with almost NO competition. I'm not being a bragger. I have witnesses...

Anyway, enough of these rambling conversations that are just pouring out of my finger tips...let's get on with what I managed to watch this week!

Again My Life

I have never imagined that my favorite character in this drama is the villain. But these last few episodes have brought fresh admiration for him, Cho Tae Seob. He actually possesses one of the most admirable qualities that I think everyone should learn to possess, adjusting to the situation, being flexible and working with what you have. Kim Hee Woo has managed to make some dents in the people around Cho Tae Seob, but this super villain just takes everything in stride, and it is very difficult to judge whether all this WORK that Kim Hee Woo has managed to accomplish in this second life altered any path of this major villain. 

One interesting thing is this drama is a dramatic version of a chess game, and this is a theme you do see quite often. This really is a chess game played by two men and the people in their lives are merely pieces on the board for them to use. Whether the ultimate goal is "right" or not really depends on the player. There are only 16 episodes, and 10 episodes have already aired. Kim Hee Woo needs to make some major moves in order to defeat the boss in only 6 more rounds.

I CAN'T wait!

Be Reborn

I started this because I saw some chatter online about the story. It's a police drama with a mystery and since it was right up my alley, I decided to give it a shot. 

I am not disappointed for the most part. (As almost everyone else has commented, let's just ignore Wang Jun Kai's acting.) I LOVE the detective, Luo Jian, a man who is, for some reason, really invested in getting Zhuang Wen Jie on the right path. (I'm pretty sure at some point we will realize why...as it has already hinted in the drama...) The plot is very intriguing, the mysterious super villain even more so, what is the goal of all these crimes for mis-direction? I really don't understand, but every episode, something surprises the audience and new information is introduced. 

I'm being deliberately vague, not because of my short-term memory issues (which is part of it...) but mostly it is difficult to explain, all the connections in the crimes, and also without giving anything away. The story is simply how a university student named, Zhuang Wen Jie, came to be involved in crime solving with the detective, Luo Jian. Wen Jie isn't simply a student, he came from a family of thieves, apparently SO famous and well renowned that everyone expects him to eventually follow in their footsteps. The only exception is the detective, Luo Jian. 

I like everything about this except Wen Jie's character. He is such a little SH#T! Maybe I am just not within the age range who can identify with his character, but literally, every time he does something stupid, I want to slap him across the screen! For all the adults in the room...if someone already tried to kill you ONCE, would you believe ANYTHING this person ever says again? If you answer NO, the you will know how I feel.

And sadly, this is all the update that I have for this week. I started watching Who Rules the World (and if I catch up I will update next week), but dang this drama has a lot of confusing characters and plots and all sort of kingdoms and factions trying to out do one another. Strangely enough, you know that this reminds me of? Rise of the Phoenixes. Ning Yi did the exactly the same thing. (And I just found out that one of my favorite new actors, Bai Jing Ting, played Gu Nan Yi in that!)

Have a great week everyone!