Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #407

Anne: Hello everyone! I am one day late on the post. I fell asleep with only two drinks during dinner last night. Today is the first day of summer vacation for the 5 year old and he fell asleep at his normal bed time. My week has gone by as usual, with nothing interesting to report. So...onward with the discussions!

From Now On, Showtime!

As mentioned last week, this is one of my current favorite shows. Cha Cha Woong is a magician with the ability to see ghosts. He can also "share" his "energy" with the ghosts that allows the ghosts to handle physical objects. His fantastic "illusions" are the result of his 3 ghost workers who can interact with physical objects without being seen. Cha Cha Woong is the last remaining descendent of a long line of shamans. But due to his first hand witness of how his grandfather was treated when his grandfather was accused of interfering in a police capture of a serial killer that ended in the death of a detective, ChaWoong refused to use his gift to help ANYONE. His goal is to make as much money as he can to buy himself a private island surrounded by sea water with high salt concentration (so that no ghosts can cross) and live there without anyone being able to bother him.

Go Seul Hae is a police woman who is incredibly enthusiastic about her job and has been trying to get into the detective division for a very long time. One of the main reason for her goal is Seo Hee Soo...

The son of her dad's partner whom took her in when her dad died during the pursuit of the serial killer. (This man looks very good in jeans.) She runs into Cha Woong when she crashes one of his magic shows chasing down a purse snatcher. After a series of bad coincidences in which she thought that Cha Woong was responsible for a hit and run, he told her about his ghostly workers, and proceeded to "demonstrate". After being convinced, Seul Hae tried to recruit Cha Woong into the Civil police unit (which is most like a neighborhood watch type of thing). Cha Woong agreed at the end in order to get more gravy points with the public and his audience, in order to elevate his fame. 

Into his life comes crashing Choi Gum, Cha Woong's family's worshipping spirit.

Due to the sins of his past life, Choi Gun relies on Cha Woong's family in order to gather enough good karma points in order for him to reach Nirvana. Of course Cha Woong didn't agree, and the last thing he wanted was to carry on his grandfather's work. In the end, Choi Gum gets his way, because as a spirit, he does have magical powers that he used on Cha Woong to affect his lower intestines. That's right, this spirit got Cha Woong to help him by threatening to give him tummy issues for the rest of his life. The last straw was during on of Cha Woong's performances, Choi Gum caused this to happen.

I must be a 12 year old boy because I laughed SO hard at this scene. It was great!

Choi Gum realized that he didn't need to "work" in order to increase his karma points. He found out that all it took was for Seul Hae to "thank" Cha Woong. So with Choi Gum's push and Seul Hae desire become a detective, Cha Woong had little choice but to help in the investigations. 

As they start to work together, the serial killer from the past pops up once again. Everyone finds out the truth about what happened that night, and how her father died. We also realized that the serial killer was an evil spirit that is related to Cha Woong, Seul Hae, and Choi Gum's last life. 

Each of the 3 ghosts that are Cha Woong's workers all have their reasons, and they get "paid" in different ways based on what they need. The writers even made the second CP quite adorable. Even though you will find the girl quite annoying. It's good character growth. 

The drama is on the last two episodes which will finish airing this week. The evil spirit still remains and hiding out (I'll give everyone two guesses as WHO this may be). Cha Woong and Seul Hae has started to date. The ghosts realized that Cha Woong's ability is due to Choi Gum, once his karma is filled, and he leaves, Cha Woong will lose his ability to see/hear the ghosts. They cannot let that happen because they need his help to reach Nirvana. So the last episode ended with Cha Woong having to prevent Seul Hae from thanking him and appearing like a very big A-hole when they go on dates. Its is so funny! Love this show! Can't wait to see the end.

The Four Daughters of Luoyang

This is one of those short dramas (40 episodes at 5 or so minutes each). I've finished watching the raws, and I wasn't going to discuss this since I didn't see any translated options. But I just saw that WeTV is going to air this soon, so an English subbed version should be coming soon. 

This is the story of the 4 sisters of the Gu family, a tremendous wealthy family of business (cosmetics). The family business is controlled by Gu Ruo Ruo, who is the eldest. She is under constant threat from her uncles who is trying to take over the business. Think of this as an ancient version of the battle for the CEO position. Her uncles conspired with the Li family to marry her off to the second son, and in return, her uncle would give the Li momma, half of the Gu family's fortune. Of course, Guo Guo knew exactly what they were planning and conspired with the first son of the Li family, Li Ke, whom she married in order to keep her control of the family business. 

It is pretty well made for a short drama and the story line didn't feel rushed or disjointed. Of course, as with any short drama, this one will indeed have a second season. The second daughter of the Gu family, Gu Jing Jing has set her sights on the young general, Ye Shu Ji.

This is for this week. Hope everyone has a great week ahead and start of summer vacation!