Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #411

Anne: Well...another week has gone by, and I remain glad that my life is a very boring and routine flow of time that resolves around the exact same schedules as the weeks and years before. But the lack of any interesting dramas have put my drama watching into a breaking halt, to the point that I re-watched the Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty and re-read the novel. As such, this week's post will be quite short.

The Insider

Oh man....How much more can the writerz torture Kim Yo Han? First, the little boy he was trying to save ended up being hit by a car by a major baddie (the writers must be having some sort of sadistic tendencies). Then, he finds out the identity of the person who murder his grandmother, and it's none other than Jang Seon Oh, his prison buddy that helped him to become the leader of the prison gang. In the meantime, the prosecutor friend who betrayed him before is now trying to keep Kim Yo Han in prison indefinitely as protects his and his family's self interests. As part of this, all the prison wardens and guards were replaced by brand new people, and Yo Han no longer has the position in the prison he used to have. This show is addictive but also giving me heart burn as I watch every horrible thing happen to the lead. And as the story keeps unfolding, we keep finding out another person he was close to either dies or betrays him. Usually, when they put a character through this much distress, there is always a light at the end, but this show does not give the audience any of that! 

And this was the only show I watched this week. Now, I did see that Love Like the Galaxy is starting tomorrow! I love both Leo Wu and Zhao Lu Si...but why is it only part 1!? And each has 28 episodes?! So it is a 56 episode drama... Why break it up? This is 16 episodes longer than A Dream of Splendor. Well... I will at least check it out. 

One more thing before I go...I also did catch a little of episode 5 of Alchemy of Souls...This story is starting to get very interesting. I still love it because of Mu Deok...but the rest of the cast are growing on me. It is quite hilarious that Jang Uk is so worried about being impotent as a fast method to cultivating his power. 

Have a great everyone. And here's hoping that this week will get me out of my drama slump.