Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #415

Anne: Hello Everyone! I am just a little late with the posting, and again I don't have too much to post. I did continue with Love Across the Galaxy and Alchemy of Souls, but everything is just following along the story lines. I don't remember any particularly memorable moments, except this...

and then this....

when we find out that Master Lee's "body" is the correct biological age and no, he didn't discover some magical spell to keep him eternally youthful...Now... is he lying or is he telling the truth? We will find out next week! 

I have continued on my quest of watching a lot more Korean dramas lately, due to the obvious lack of interesting shows coming out of China. Maybe it's my taste in choosing only certain genres, but almost every Korean show that I'm watching has some sort of corruption between the wealthy and some sort of government entity. Maybe I am not current in global politics, but what is with this intense focus that Korea has on corruption? 

I also watched the entire season of Uncoupled on Netflix. The characters are a mess, but the show is quite good. It has all the original vibes of Sex and the City. I would say that this should be a big hit with the BL crowd, except the relationships have no easy answers or simple solutions. 

And now for the show that FINALLY finished airing...


Well...I am going to miss seeing this face. This was one of the most convoluted and violent revenge dramas that I've ever seen. At the end, Kim Yo Han was able to carry out his plan, for the most part, can eliminate everyone who had a hand in ruining his life. Even Oh Soo Yeon, who was on a revenge path of her own to get Yoon Byung Wook pay her everything he did to her. However, the story doesn't end for Kim Yo Han...because of his association with the gangs, he has been recruited to help the intelligence agency to infiltrate that organization. Every shows is leaving themselves open to a season 2!

Now last week, I was discussing with QAS that this show was ridiculous in how violent it was throughout the entire show...I mean the bad guys are seriously insane... Here are just a few of the violent things that happened...

1) The Yang brothers

The older one is crazy and will kills without blinking, and also purposely ran his car over a kid. The younger one castrated a teenager because the boy tried to cheat at cards. The "boy" was Jang Seon Oh.

2) In order for Kim Yo Han was tortured by some debt collector who liked to play dentist, he was beaten almost daily when he first got into prison, then electrocuted by Jang Seon Oh, then as a way to train him to fight, and various stabbings and other beat downs as he went on his path of revenge.

3) Jang Seon Oh

Who looks all cute and innocent...killed Kim Yo Han's grandmother because he was ordered to so that Yo Han can be "owned" by the door keeper of the Sinseondong elders. He fed poison to the previous leader of the prison gambling gang that destroyed most of the man's nerve function so he ended up a prisoner in his own body. He kidnapped a father and his kid and made the kid lure Yo Han's grandmother to fulfill his goals. He liked to torture his fellow inmates through electrocution or beating them with a baseball bat.

And these 3 examples are just a little bit of the insane characters in this drama. Needless to say, it is a very good story with a lot of intense moments, crazy turns and dodges and backstabbing to leave you guessing at every turn, but you do need to be able to handle the quantity of violence that is littered throughout the story. 

And this is it for this week. Hope everyone has a great beginning of August!