Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #418

Anne: Happy Tuesday everyone! It's been well over a week. My deadlines at work are overlapping, and I'm becoming slightly deranged with the ever constant moving target that I'm trying to hit. I have always thought it was funny that for a person who swore she will never get into a customer service industry ended up in a customer oriented industry. The irony! And this is why I never make blanket statements anymore. They always seems to come true.

Now on to the shows!

Alchemy of Souls

Well... we all saw this ending coming right? For any seasoned watchers of any Korean drama, when the show seems to be ending and yet you still have at least one episode to go...We all know that nothing will be going right at the end. So Jang Uk died and came back to life. Mu Deok went wild and jumped into the lake but was "rescued" by we all know who...or rather I should which family. Seo Yul has that worm thing in his body (a result that I cannot understand, even with the ridiculous logic of So Yi), and will be required to take that medicine forever? The man is a mage, and why can't So Yi just tell him what she did? And what is she going to do when he runs out of the medicine? 

Oh well...I guess I will have to just wait for season 2 to get over my issues with all the plot holes and stuff. (So Yi and Jin Mu "ran" away. Even without using the soul ejector you can be controlled by the shaman bells and powder things...Won't that mean you can do the same with Master Lee? Or is he different because he didn't use the Alchemy of Souls? I really fail to see the motivation of Jin Mu...why the round about path to power? And is that what he even wants? Is there another birth secret with the crown prince?) But the actress who plays Naksu will be in Season 2 instead of the one who played Mu Deok...so I guess Naksu's body didn't burn? 

So many questions...

Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist

I started this a few weeks after it started airing. I quite like it. Yoo Se Poong's is a very talented royal physician who was "framed" for killing the King. But the crown prince is a friend and believes that his father didn't die due to malpractice, but due to some other hidden events that haven't been revealed. So he banishes Se Poong from the capital. After wondering for a year and using up all the money he had (he could no longer do acupuncture after getting PTSD with the death of the king), he stumbles into a Village where he meets Seo Eun Woo and Kye Ji Han. The latter is the village doctor with a rag-tag family consisting of a mother, a daughter, a young boy, and an auntie. Each character has a back story in how they ended up in this clinic. Eun Woo, on the other hand, was a widow who was mistreated by her in-laws when her husband died on the day of their wedding. As such, her mother-in-law pushed for Eun Woo to commit suicide for a very specific purpose.

At first I couldn't understand the reasoning behind the title, but it does start to make sense as the episodes progress. As Ji Han tells Se Poong, he should make money by using his pretty face. It really is about listening to your patients and not just treating the symptoms. It's pretty cute. And I like all the characters. They are quirky and funny. And of course there are several back stories slowly being revealed as Se Poong begins to realize that the death of the King and his father was all connected.

Good Job

This was a bit of a surprise. The plot is a bit odd. It's like the Korean version of batman (complete witb a secret tunnel and "bat cave"), but the rich guy is just a normal person who has a lot of disguises. Eun Sun Woo leads a double life, runs a company in the day time and work as a detective at night. He also has his handy right hand man, who is pretty much the Korean version of a butler, a personal lawyer who basically takes care of anything and everything. 

Don Se Ra is the one who has a super ability, she can see really, really well. Due to a misunderstanding from the very beginning, she thought Sun Woo was a thief and a con-artist. She played a role in getting him arrested as a suspect in the potential murder of Sun Woo's agency's exclusive model. And there was also a "conflict" between Se Ra's BFF and Sun Woo's lawyer. However, Se Ra still feels bad about calling the police when she knows that someone else was in the house. Thus begin the collaboration between the rich detective and his female side kick as they investigate crimes that may lead to the ultimate mystery of Sun Woo's mother's death.

That's it for now. Hope everyone has a great week and see all next time!