Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #436

Anne: It is only the start of April and I've been battling a particular pest inside my little shack that most readers will probably go, huh? Ever since last year, I've been having an interesting issue with an invasion, that normally happens in the spring time. Last year, they were much on the bigger side, this year, they are smaller. Maybe I got rid of all their grandparents or something. And I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is an invasion. Every day, since, probably, February of this year, I have slugs appearing in my bathroom and parts of the kitchen. 

Now, when I say I live in a shack. It isn't far from the truth. It's an apartment that my husband converted (20 years ago) from a garage that was built in the 1930s. Everything is on pier and beam, and the entire structure is slowly sinking. (Before anyone feels too sorry for us, don't worry, it's rent free and we are scraping the structure to do a custom built in a year or so.) 

Now...about the invasion... you would think slugs are slow enough that I would notice where they are coming from... But nope, there would be nothing on the shower stall wall, and I look away for a few seconds and a slug is half way up the wall. Seriously, they never move this fast when I'm staring at them. Either they have developed magical powers, or I have very large blind spots in my eyes. And me being the silly person that I am, the most I can do is flush them down the toilet. Well...at least it's not roaches. Seven years ago, I had 14, yes, FOURTEEN, roaches fly at me within the span of 4 hours! This incident has been etched so deep inside my memory that I probably will remember this horror until the day I die. Good thing I rarely have nightmares anymore...because I live my nightmares in real life! 

Well, that's enough horror story for today! Let's get back on track and talk about whatever I had managed to watched this past week.

Taxi Driver 2

I am so glad that they didn't drag his "death" pass the intro of episode 11. We ALL knew they couldn't have killed off the ML in the middle of the drama with 5 episodes left. But I was not looking for to a prolonged grief period. Of course, our ingenious little gang did a counter attack and "watched" their enemies while their enemies "watched" them. 

Now...did anyone else think that the whole surrogate surgeon thing was a bit "unreal"? I mean really? Watch some YouTube videos?! I mean I really liked this year's tongue-in-cheek humor that is peppered through out the plot. But the crimes did get a little far fetched. Oh whatever, I still love it!

And I know that I did say that I was going to save up the episodes, but I couldn't wait. I find myself wanting to find out what will be happening, and just couldn't find anything else that would deter my focus. We are obviously coming to the end of the season with the identity of the criminal organization that has been lurking in the background coming into the forefront. Looking forward to this weekend!

 Love is Written in the Stars

While I'm procrastinating on completing or continuing the dramas that I did start, this one caught my eye. From the synopsis, I thought it was another one of those girl dressing as a boy to go into a boy's school type of thing. But just one episode in, and I can see that this plot is quite a bit more inventive than I previously thought. 

The Chinese title is more adequately translated as The Girl Who Can See Destiny, and the words used for "destiny" normally only refers to the marriage destiny. Zhou Yuan is a girl who can fight and decides to protect her brother as he's going off to school. She has an alter ego as the "fox fairy" who takes revenge on people who comes to "pray" at this specific temple. The temple is actually a temple to pray for marriage, but instead, most people come here to pray to air out grievances. And Zhou Yuan takes it upon herself to "right these wrongs" and takes her fee from the donation box.

The only person who came to the temple looking for a marriage partner was Wei Qi, a prince who really, really wants a wife, but for some reason or another, every single engagement has failed. The coin that he used to pray for his marriage was picked up by Zhou Yuan, and she in turn gets pulled into the painting of the real "fox fairy" who takes her as a disciple and gives her a gift of seeing the red-string of fate. 

Now, the OTHER disciple of this "fox fairy" is an "enemy" of Wei Qi, and decides to play a practical joke on him by marrying a man (Zhou Yuan the girl dressed as a boy) to Wei Qi so he can be embarrassed to death the morning after. Well...Wei Qi never got embarrassed because Zhou Yuan snuck away at night.  And Wei Qi has no idea whom he married, except that he now has a wife, whom as everyone in town knows ran away with another man. (Wei Qi's father forced the marriage, but didn't know that they actually didn't get the correct bride.) 

As everyone has guessed, Zhou Yuan's red string of fate is tied to Wei Qi, and the only way for her to get out of it, according to her master, is to find someone for Wei Qi to marry. Also, this magical artifact that her master gave her also has the ability to make her look more like a man to everyone else. This takes care of the fact that she is SO obviously a girl dressed in boy's clothing.

It's interesting... a man whom is always alone with no friends and can't get married. And a girl who cannot fall in love. By the way, the girl was the only one who has ever been able to "hurt" him in a fight. Let's see what other craziness this story will bring. 

Pledge of Allegiance

I was really looking forward to this. It has my favorite "detective", Zhang Yun Long, and I was hoping that it would be like the other "detective" dramas of his that I've watched recently. The story pretty much revolves around 3 kids who affected one another's life in a prison escape. Now years later, they are once again in each other's lives, and involved in a series of cases that is linked to what happened when they were kids.

There is something that is not catching my interest. I can't tell you what it is. I'm just more annoyed than anything. Maybe I'll give it one more try. Afterall, I'm still in the first two episodes and they are still setting up the plot. 

And this is it for this week. Hope everyone stay safe from critter invasions!