Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #437

Anne: Happy Tuesday everyone! Now, before I get to the most existing week in my drama year, I want to share a little of the 6 year old's art work. Last Friday, there was no school, so I promised to take him to one of those painting places. They have classes for kids of all ages on certain day time hours. Of course, you can imagine that it was a difficult task getting kids to follow any sort of directions. Much more so when it's just one person giving instructions for 4 different pictures. So, in spite of the slight chaos of about 10 kids of various ages, and a 3 year old who dipped both her hands in paint while also eating a cupcake, the little boy managed to do an okay job on his giraffe. 

The outline was provided by the professionals, and everything else, was the 6 year old's attempt to copying the example. It's not the most well spaced picture, but it is still kind of cute. 

And now for the most exciting week in my drama year! You all know exactly what I'm talking about right? One of the most anticipated dramas had a broadcast date 3 days before it aired. And it was on time!

Till the End of the Moon

Can everyone tell how excited I was when this aired on Friday morning (US)? I was happy and anxious, because what if this ended being a piece of poop? I would end up with a favorite story, starring two of my favorite actors, in an unwatchable show that I was really looking forward to devouring. But thank my lucky stars, 12 episodes in and it is, in my opinion of fantasy drama scoring, it is quite good. It might be my prejudice to favor this genre, but I like quite a bit about this show. 

If any one is still in the dark about the major plot of this drama... we have the Devil (for lack of a better term) who is slowly working his way towards killing off all cultivated sects in the world. In the current time, Li Su Su's sect used a mirror in order to send her back in time to kill off the Devil before he can become the Devil. But can we say, no Devil (with the exception of Wen Ke Xing) has ever looked so PRETTY!

Even with the slightly, not so great looking, armor.

But the carriage was quite interesting. 

In the past, 500 years ago, Tantai Jin, played by my favorite actor in costume, Luo Yun Xi, is just a hostage prince married to a wife who hates him and a family who treats him worse than a slave.  Ye Xi Wu is the spoiled daughter of the house, whose body's previous owner was a spoiled brat (for obvious reasons) who stooped to whatever she could, to get what she wanted. And what she wanted was to marry the 6th prince, who was in love with the elder sister. Into this mess, Su Su transmigrated into the body of Ye XinWu, and was instantly horrified at being married to Tantai Jin, and how devilish her body's owner was to everyone around her. There is a story behind how the idiot woman got married to the wrong man, but I'll let you all discover this plot. From what I remember, this exactly as the book described.

For Su Su, who is trying to keep Tantai Jin alive until she can get rid of the "devil" heart/root, which, if not destroyed, Tantai Jin cannot truly die. And if his body "die", the devil heart/root will take over and transform him into the Devil that would destroy the world. So, Tantai Jin, who is already plotting behind the scenes and bidding his time, is completely confused by a brand new Ye Xi Wu who is always trying to save him. 

There is a lot of things that occur, and basically, Tantai Jin was able to return back to his native kingdom and kill his elder brother and take back the throne that his father held. (Tantai Jin, as a mortal, inherited certain skills from his mother's people, and in addition to that devil heart, that gave him the power to absorb powers from the demons, which in Chinese fantasy lore are "animals" who can cultivate into human form.) And in one of his "dreams", he dreamt about him becoming the ruler of his mother's people and his wedding, and I really, really like the coloring scheme of his wedding outfit and his braids...

And the matching color scheme of the wedding chamber and the bride's outfit.

Tantai Jin, because he "inherited" his father's throne, caused the emperor from the other kingdom, where he was a hostage for so many years, to declare war and start a conflict. However, Tantai Jin has found how to obtain and grow his power, and his kingdom is no longer the push over from when he was a child. And boy do I LOVE this green/black outfit of his as the king.

In the middle of the conflict, Tantai Jin is looking to get more power from an "old" demon dragon sleeping under this lake. And this quest caused the 4 of them, Tantai Jin, Su Su, the 6th prince and her elder sister get sucked into the dragon's dream world. 

In this dream, Tantai Jin is the war god Ming Ye, and Su Su is some sort of shellfish demon named Sang Jiu. Through a series of events, Sang Jiu was married to Ming Ye. And here we have a not so flattering wedding outfit for the groom, and a very "revealing" wedding outfit for the bride. 

But I do like the coloring combination though.

And this is where I am, in the heaven plot where it's very 3310esq with the whole evil woman and all of that. This is the plot of what happened in the last battle with the Devil, that led to the disappearance of all the gods in the world, which left no one to being able to stop Tantai Jin's slaughter in the future.

Update: Episode 15...come on you doofus! How can you NOT recognize her voice?! You are blind not an idiot... (The 3310 reference is complete...with a small dragon in a bowl and the blindfold.)

This is all I have for this week. I literally only watched this one show. I did catch the next two episodes of Taxi Driver 2, but I'll wait until next week to close the recap of the finale. Have a great week everyone!