Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #438

Anne: Happy Tuesday all drama lovers with too much stuff to do to watch all the dramas that they have in queue. I thought I start today by telling a story about a particular friend of mine, who has the most particular luck I have ever met. For as long as I've known her, ever since she was a technician in my academic research lab, she has had the oddest luck of attracting, let's just say, "exciting" events wherever she goes. Her time as an nurse on the floor, her shift would inevitably encounter a drive by shooting, a multicar accident, the life flight would be activated, and overall general chaos may ensue. Hence, her colleagues started calling her the black cloud. Even on her recent vacation to Europe, she encountered a medical emergency on the plane.

She was so tried that she was taking a nap, but then her aunt started poking her in the ribs. "Hey, someone is asking for a EMT." Without opening her eyes, she said, "I'm not an EMT." Next, her mom pipes up on from the aisle, "You took an oath." Again, without opening her eyes, she replied, "That only works within US borders." Silence. She opened her eyes a little bit, and both of them were giving her the stink eye. With a sigh, she said, "Fine," and walked to the back of the plane.

It turned out that a young man had probably a bit too much partying earlier, and fell asleep against the window, with the shades up, and the sun shinning on him. He became flushed, headed to the restroom, and when he stood up, and fainted. As she's tying a tourniquet on this arm, she muttered under her breath, "Damn it! Do I even remember how to take a manual blood pressure!?" While she was doing her examination, the flight attendant leaned over and asked, "Do we need to call to ahave medical care on the ground when we land?" Without even raising her head, my friend said, "He's fine. Just give him some sugar."

And thus ended her this excitement filled part of her vacation. This was definitely not the only nor the last of her vacation stories. I told her many times that she should start a YouTube channel, her stories are always great! Now... let's get back to my boring filled life where the only I did last week was getting documents ready for GMP production, and addressing client comments on a document that I've rewritten 3 times because I didn't want to offend them. So... between all those critical time sensitive things, I've only managed to really watch a few dramas.

Taxi Driver (2)

Wow, when this happened, did we think our crew would be eliminated? Of course not! Their ever planner of a leader managed to get a backup, just in case, to rescue them. Yay! So a bit of a anxious moment, but no real danger what-so-ever. 

And do we feel really really sad for On Ha Joon? Poor boy. Kidnapped, brainwashed, trained, and tricked into murdering his own father, who was looking for him for years. The weird odd religious cult full of children he trained to infiltrate all the various organizations. This last story that ran through the entire season 2 is as incredible, as the rest of the individual cases. But what can I say. I continue to LOVE this show! 

And if there is a season 3, can we please put Kim Do Gi back in uniform? 

Till the End of the Moon

So many things happened...and the release schedule changed a bit...but...

I did not expect Ye Bing Chang to be exposed so soon...

I did not think that Tantai Jin would confess so soon...

And holy moly!

And I finally understand how the writers brought his hatred right back on track to head towards the scene that will either air this week or the next. There are quite a lot of differences between the drama and the book. And in general, the drama writers are nicer than the novel author. 

1) Ye Bing Chang's exposure let the audience know that whatever happened after that bowl of porridge had nothing to do with Tantai Jin being mesmerized by YeBing Chang, and the writers even made it very clear that he was only mimicking Xiao Lin because he wanted to be like him. In the novel, it was not at all clear, not even until the one second right before the scene (which I will explore next week). 

2) Tantai Ming Lang got a lot more story in the drama than the book, where he did die when he tried to set the trap for his brother. His role in the drama was originally played by the youngest brother of Xiao Lin, who was vicious enough to try to take back the country that his brother, nor his dad, could hold. 

3) Tantai Jin has more kindness in the drama then he did in the novel. Although, I guess I should save this comment until I see what he does to Ye Xi Wu after the porridge issue. 

4) Ye Qing Yu, this poor boy, in the novel never was able to get his love returned. In the novel, the fox demon was under a love spell (from what I remember) that made her hate Ye Qing Yu when he killed her lover. At least in the drama, he wasn't responsible for killing her lover, and she got her "stuff" back and could love another. 

And I am really, really looking forward towards Tantai Jin's complete breakdown. How far will the writers go???


This is all for this week. Hope I can get enough sleep this week. Hope I am on time on delivery. And I hope that I can keep my blood pressure under wraps...even in the face of a client who literally called me an idiot when they didn't realize that their mike wasn't muted. Sigh...I would like to say, I might have a lot of faults...but not knowing my job and my field isn't one of them.