Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #441

Anne: Hope everyone in the US had a good 3 day weekend. I decided to take Tuesday and Wednesday off, as these were the last two days of school, and I'd figured that it was my last chance for some quiet, alone time during the day. Well...best laid plans...

The hubby came home early (at 11am) because due to the Monday holiday, there wasn't much to do since nothing was being delivered on Tuesday. And then on Tuesday, the almost 7 year old wanted to be off school early after the classroom party. Sigh...so...I ended up spending most of my "alone" days...NOT alone.

I'm now looking for a short business trip as a way to get some alone time...

If I can't get any alone time...let's just do the opposite! In case anyone ever wonders what some nearly 50 year olds do... We go dancing!

Besides that, my drama draught continues. 

So what did I end up doing was watching something that I never started in 2020, the General's Lady. For some reason, the scenes from this particular drama kept popping up on my YouTube feed. So...I did, with a lot of FF. The final conclusion was...they sure packed a LOT of plot material into 30 episodes. Every 5 episodes, there was a new crisis. The best thing about this drama was the ending... or rather... the "argument" between the Emperor and his Eight brother.

The scene when neither man wanted the throne, and the poor eunuch between them looking extremely confused. The emperor always dreamed of wondering the world and the Eight prince would rather tend his garden. So...the emperor offered up Chu Xiu Yuan, his Eight brother's son. And when his Eight brother reminded the emperor that he also have sons, the emperor's reply was "What parent would be that cruel to do that to his own son?" 

Ingenious One

I did finish this one, also with some help of the FF button. I want to say my impression was that it did get "better" towards the end, but the reveal of Yuntai Sect's master wasn't that much of a surprise. It was just too complicated...and this is from someone who LOVED Princess Silver, and the craziness of THAT plot spanning 4 countries. For some reason, and it might have something to do with my FF button, everything just didn't connect as seamlessly as some other similar dramas. At least the ending of all the main characters were mostly acceptable. 

Poor Kang Qiao and Mo Bu Fan...

And that is pretty much all I've watched lately, except variety shows. Also, my husband wanted to tell everyone that he really liked Sword Snow Stride, even though I dropped it early. As much as I like Zhang Ruo Yun in most of his roles, they shouldn't have made Jiang Ni so childish. It was giving me weird vibes the entire time. The other strike against it, was that the continuation was looking like Joy of Life, where season 2 still hasn't shown up after 4 years! I would read the novel, but not at >700 chapters... The only one I've ever read that was this long was The Legendary Master's Wife, and that was only because it was a BL and I really, really like the characters.

I am intrigued by XO Kitty, a K-drama in English!

So...unless dramaland drops something that will catch my notice next week...I'll be reading Heaven Official's Blessing

Have a great week everyone!