Day 42

All I could think of on this day was "this is what hell must be like". Naturally, that got me thinking about demons. Deeply philosophical thinking it was. On my currently favorite show Supernatural, all demons are summoned and/or exorcised in Latin. (Very bad Latin. I mean, have you ever heard an American speaking Latin? No way in hell that the creatures from hell will understand what is said! (Yes, I am very proud of my Latin accent. I think it is impeccable))

It has since been established on my Facebook wall (and I quote:) that you can summon demons in numerous languages. For example, if you want a jinn, you use Arabic...or if you want an aitu, you use Samoan. So far so good. What really confuses me, though, is this: if I don't speak Arabic or Samoan, can I also summon a jinn or an aitu? Or can I only conjure the ones that speak/understand Latin because they belong to the religious culture I'm in? Where did they learn to speak/understand Latin? Is there a compulsory demon school for it? And when do demons have to go there? When they are born? Or is it their mother tongue? And how do the Latin speaking demons (are they a majority?) communicate with the Arab and the Samoan demons? Do they communicate at all? Or do they live in different hells? Are there any demons that do not speak any of the known languages on earth so that we will never be able to conjure them? Can I conjure a demon in Swiss German? What kind of demon would I get? (probably an evil cow demon, I'm just guessing)

Questions, questions, questions. If you have the answer to one or several, please contact me. But - and I quote again, this time from an "Ask me Help Desk: live answers from real experts": "I would prefer only those who have experience with angels and demons to answer. please dont post any stupid role-playing game answers or answers from movies such as the Exorcist or something."


I'm so grateful for the light at the end of the tunnel