블러드 Blood - Episode 20 FINAL (A FakeCap) WTF kind of ending is this

kakashi: A wonderful ending to a truly great drama!
JoAnne: Come down off the mountain, Kakashi. The thin air is affecting you.
Shuk: [drinking and humming] "Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away / If you could use some exotic booze / There's a bar in far Bombay....."

Episode 20 - The Very End

Ji-sang runs into his home and finds his awesome friend murdered. Thanks for showing us a gruesome and bloody body, drama. It's those little things that make you such a treat. Ji-sang breaks down and cries and cries. I can't stop myself from thinking that certain people really look very ugly when they cry. 
He's trying so hard. I find myself with a soft spot for Ahn Jae Hyuk.
I was impressed he managed to find the right location of Sidekick's carotid artery.
Rita, who knows what pain is, comforts him but he tells her to get the fuck out of here. He is really tired of this shitty script and this whole mess. Since she doesn't leave but just keeps repeating his title ("Kwanjangnim"? like in ... Grand Master?), he leaves. In his bat-car he races through the night and ends up in the sex-chair room.
I find it very distracting when people who are supposed to be in love continue to refer to each other, in private, by their professional titles. And not in the sexy role-playing kind of way. This is no 'Ooooh, doctor, are you going to stick me with that big, big, needle of yours?' kind of couple.
[distracted by fond memories of medical roleplay] Wait, anything happen? No? [goes back to her reminiscing]
The whole vampire horde is there, expecting him. Why all of them need to be hooded and masked now is beyond me. Ji-sang attacks and they fight. He is mucho strongo, but they keep injecting something into him until he collapses. Yeah, awesome idea to go there, really. I hope you die, you idiot.
It sets a MOOD, Kakashi. It sets a MOOD.
I didn't get it. But then, Pampy has fallen for every single rudimentary kindergarten kind of trap they created in 19 episodes. Why break the streak?
Jae-wook doesn't want to kill him though, because he is too valuable (and because we're not yet at the end). No, he wants to use him as "Walking Dead", as someone who walks around and infects everybody with the virus, like Typhoid Mary. They talk and talk and talk. Whatever they gave him, it just makes him more boring. He runs home (no side-effects or anything), where Rita has covered Friend with a white sheet.
Jae Wook has Ji Sang over a barrel - he's got someone watching Ri Ta, and he'll kill her dead if Ji Sang doesn't back the fuck off.
And is that such a bad thing? VampDoc is right: Ji Sang can't even take care of himself, and Pita's life is in our crazed leader's hands. She goes, the world is safe. Win-win, in my book.
Ji-sang is soooo glad she's still here, he is very sorry for telling her off. Ji-sang holds his dead friend's hand, apologizes and cries some more. Rita hugs Ji-sang and that's a scene and CUT!
Standard 'in the next life make sure you are born far from me and that we never meet' speech over dead friend's body. Always seems like a final attempt to deflect responsibility whenever I hear this. Why not promise your loved one that YOU will take the responsibility and be born far from THEM, you guilty Korean survivors?
I'm wondering how they are going to explain the dead, battered body to the police. Or are they going to quietly dispose of it and file a missing person's report? I bet the body slowly slides into a Plot Hole, never to be seen again.
At the hospital, life goes on. Intern Girl is still unhappy about Jae-wook's methods and they talk and talk. Rita is still not dead.
Death as Motivation: Good idea or Not? Next on Doctor Oz.
Ji-sang is also at the hospital, talking to Scruff. It's all so sad. But of course, nobody goes to the police. Did they eat the body? It's not like such a badly tortured body would draw anybody's attention. More grieving follows. Rita's Friend is very sad, but she knows she's to blame. They shouldn't have had sex. People who have sex die.
Yep. Unless they're married and trying to have a baby. It's true.
I guess we need this quiet moment before the Big Ending. But I just want to be done with it and have all the bad guys in little twitchy cubes scattered all over that rug, and Vamp Doc hanging by his tie from that weird Prometheus sculpture thing, while Pampire drops a loop of intestine on the floor and pulls his woman in close for a victory kiss.
Luvvy rolls up to them and plays a clip of Awesome Friend congratulating Ji-sang for his birthday . What a cruel fucker of a robot. Ji-sang cries some more. It's alright, man. It's soon over.
Well I for one can't wait to see Luurvy's next drama.
H & G, Puurvy Canister!
Ah, Lady Admin. She's still here? Rita goes in to tell her she has 10 minutes to get lost. But no, Lady Admin has no such plans. She'd rather duel Rita - with swords. Lady Admin is a secret Sword Master! Wow, who would have thought.
I need someone to go push her down the stairs. Are there stairs in the hospital? No one has ever raced an elevator here. What kind of drama is this?
I guess she didn't believe the 24-hour ultimatum. I guess she won't believe this one either. Pita threatens to play the audio if she shows up at the shareholder's meeting.
Next, Rita thanks Intern Girl for helping Ji-sang but she also tells her she will come after her with garlic and holy water when she least expects it. Intern Girl doesn't seem afraid and once again, we are left to wonder what the rules of this vampire world are. Rita is quite impressed with Intern Girl's courage, so she is ready to give her another chance - if she spills all her secrets. Intern Girl does - including that she has a kill-order on Rita. The cards are on the table! It's ON!
I have been thankful through out that Intern Girl was not used as a standard second lead. Give credit where it's due.
Well, not really. Next, Rita walks through the hospital with Ji-sang. They're both okay, as they keep telling each other. That's good to know, thanks. Next, Ji-sang suits up for surgery. Wow, that's crazy, he is still working as a surgeon?!
Yeah, his whole blood issue disappeared. Like the other doctors, I guess.
Maybe that happened with that almost-human injection? I can't lift my right pinkie to research it. But it makes sense, since VampDoc was still performing surgery. Oh wait, though, he had the children's plasma. [shrug]
Rita is at home, reading the hundred questions she asked him and that he answered. Suddenly, she becomes aware of a presence ... she reaches for a syringe, but Intern Girl is faster. She's there with her hyung, the Boss Vampire. Not much later, Rita is tied up and in the trunk of a car, as we can see on Jae-wook's phone. And on Lady Admin's, too.
It's not like she wasn't warned.
Ji-sang is done with his surgery and is visiting Jae-wook again. More talking, I guess. Yeah, so he knows his Rita is missing. I do wonder a little tiny bit why he ever left her out of his sight after Awesome Friend was killed. Does he have selective amnesia? Did he not think she might be in danger?
No more stupid than Ri Ta returning home after being told she's on a hit list. Therefore, it's a fakeout.
Or stupidity. Oh wait, the phone call from OppaVamp to VampDoc that Pita is sleeping with the fishes. Yeah, fakeout. I still can't garner any more energy. 
Jae-wook demands he starts bleeding on people soon to spread the virus or else ... goodbye Rita. Ji-sang must think long and hard about this. Oh, he smiles! It's all a trick!! Indeed, Rita and Intern Girl are chatting amiably at her place. Intern Girl just pretend to be evil in front of hyung Boss.
I guess the capes were a homage to Madonna's "Live For Love" performance at the Brit Awards?
Because nothing really matters anymore in this drama, Ji-sang is in the lab with Scruff now. They have made a world moving discovery. Oh no, Evil Biochemist has made the exact same discovery as well: If Ji-sang eats meat, he'll turn into a raging lunatic, while start bleeding uncontrollably, and then, his brain will explode! But his body has done so well by making him despise meat! Only, the drug he has been taking has altered some of his senses and it means he is craving meat recently. He is in massive danger!
It was all too much to follow but essentially, the cure as it stands cures by killing everything - virus and host cells. But Ji Sang's decomposed blood, mixed with the cure, forms a protective barrier around the cells. I guess. Think of him like a really good lotion for your insides.
Scruff starts babbling about the stem cells again, but Ji-sang tells him he really doesn't want to kill little babies to get well. He'll just live and die with the virus. He knows he will not be able to stop himself from eating meat soon.
The twist is that Ji Sang has to die to make this work, which makes no sense at all, considering they discovered this magical property in blood that had been removed from Ji Sang's body. A normal person would think ohhhh, let's take some more blood from his body and do it again! But no, here they decide to just kill him off.
I wondered about that too. I've had 14,000 ml of platelets removed from my bloodstream in the past year. Unless I'm firmly in ExistentialLand, I am still hale and hearty even with all those Mini-Shuk's busily doing other stuff with other people.
Because Evil Biochemist has delivered all Jae-wook ever needed from him, Big Bad gives the order to kill him. Boss Vamp does so successfully, next to a bored Jae-wook.
See ya, wouldn't want to be ya.
Not smiling now, are ya.....ass.
Ji-sang gets home (he is a bit down after hearing that there's no hope for him) and tells Rita all about it. She is very sad. They hug in front of the sun-picture. She tries some of her cross-eye magic, but it's too late for that as well. All is very sad.
She feels like there should be at least one person she's allowed to have in the world. Typical, makes it all about her.
She should have seen it coming; their lipsticks don't match anymore.
Oh, look! It's Lady Admin. Who starts shaking when she sees Rita. Yeah, we were all hoping she'd be gone, but she ain't. We need a vampire to rip Lady Admin's head off. Any volunteers? Instead, police officers come in and drag her away. Is this the end?
I always laugh at the futility of a prisoner being dragged off screaming 'let me go!' Yes, they're going to listen to you. All you had to do was ask.
My personal favorite is "Don't F**king touch me!", which, yeah. Always hoped that she had some purpose other than being a spot of color in a sea of black on black suits and physician gowns.
Jae-wook is on the phone, when other police officers also walk into his office and arrest him for the kidnapping of Rita.
If that was all it took, why have we been sitting here for so long?
To increase the tension of the final glorious scene! So that our hearts thump painfully, wondering if anyone gets a happy ending!! So we are on the edge of our seats thinking, "OMG, What now?"!!!!
Lab. Testing the green stuff that threatened to turn Ji-sang into FrogMan. Some people still haven't given up. They'd much rather have him as FrogMan as have him dead. Such good friends! And see, if you don't give up, you're awarded. Rita Friend looks into a microscope and her eyes grow THHHAAAAAT big. It's incredible! The green stuff eats the red stuff!
I didn't really understand what new discovery was this.
What's this? "The heart doesn't circulate the blood; the blood makes the heart beat." Um, what about the lungs? Don't they have a say in the whole delivering-oxygen-for-sustaining-cellular-life thing? Oh, Scruff, how sad to lose my faith in you this late in the game. You were so close to becoming a character I might have cared about, as one of the few who actually used gloves.
Other police officers break into Jae-wook's office (I guess they realized their buddies were a bit late?) and find many dead police officers there. But no Jae-wook. At the same time, Rita runs into two masked vampires. Ji-sang runs too, around the hospital, but he has no clue where Rita is.
This is what happens when you send in boys do men's work.
Jae-wook is angry with Boss Vamp and demands to know where Intern Girl is, the one who betrayed him. Boss Vamp won't tell - he loves Intern Girl. He gets to live a bit longer. They bring Rita in and Jae-wook struts in threateningly. But he is in a talking mood right now, so we're good.
Ji-sang isn't even trying to find Rita (yeah, why should he) but is in the lab. Luckily, Jae-wook calls him and tells him to palli palli come. Rita warns him not to come cause it's a trap, but Jae-wook assures him she will die if he doesn't come. Ah, you don't say.
And it's not like he hasn't walked into every single trap ever. Even VampDoc is tired of success, since he flat out tells him he is walking to his doom.
Ji-sang doesn't listen to her and goes to where they hold her. Six or how many masked vampires are there and within seconds, Boss Vamp has overpowered Ji-sang. Everybody talks about death and dying for a long time. And then, Jae-wook lifts his arm to FINALLY KILL JI-SANG with a special stake (huh? where did that come from?), but Intern Girl stops him! So exciting!
Jae-wook moves to kill Intern Girl but Boss Vampire blocks his path. He puts the stake into him instead. He dies. Intern Girl cries over him. Behind Jae-wook's back, Ji-sang shakily stands up. But that won't help him much, cause now, Jae-wook lifts his arm again to FINALLY KILL JI-SANG with his special stake, but Intern Girls jumps in front of Ji-sang. And dies.
Do tell.
Now, Ji-sang moves and attacks Jae-wook. There's a horrible fight (I'm guessing, because we don't see it). Intern Girl isn't truly dead yet ... she can crawl towards Rita's chair and untie her. Hahahaaaa. Now she dies.
Not one vampy was stabbed in the heart, and how can being stabbed in the shoulder cause Intern Girl's legs to act like she has arthritis in her joints? Oh well let's move on to the bitter end. It's not like we have even seen much of our happy little group of indigent guinea pigs in the last episode. Or see them at all. Or the cardboard doctors.
In come Jae-wook and Ji-sang again - and ... Jae-wook sticks the stake into Ji-sang, but Ji-sang puts a syringe into Jae-wook. I am sure that somebody has kept track of all the drugs and counter-drugs? No? Jae-wook delivers his death-speech and then ... Intern Girl speaks to him. What, still not dead?! Ah, now she is. Everybody is sad.
Keep going.
Jae-wook crawls over to her body, but collapses before he can reach her. He lies absolutely still and he might be dead, but we're not sure. Cause they never really are, right?! Anyway, Ji-sang just pulls out the stake, cause that kinda stuff doesn't kill him. Yet.
You don't say...
Rita drags Ji-sang to the hospital and to the lab, where Scruff is kinda concerned (yeah, some people are still trying to act). But Ji-sang looks really bad (he might fall asleep any minute! The color of his lips is gone!) and then ... maybe dies? But not before he tells Scruff that it's always been him, him, and nobody else. Rita goes super cross-eyed over that, but it's too late.
I love a good deathbed confession.
Ji-sang warns Pita not to come in contact with his blood, but then he decides to get all touchy-feely with Scruff. I don't get it.
Jae-wook isn't dead at all (I knew it!), he goes and sits on the sex-chair. But whatever Ji-sang gave him made him age very fast and while he stares at his gruesome picture and talks and talks in his head, he finally does die. Maybe. But what's the point of living if you're that grey!
So people just die one after the other and nothing else happens in the episode?
I will always think of that wall sculpture as a Heisman Trophy. Or his future self, forever frozen while trying to warn Ji Jin-hee not to sign the production contract.
No, Ji-sang isn't dead yet. He is on the roof of the hospital with Rita. Whatever was on that stake took away his healing capabilities. And now, he has come to see his very first and very last sunrise. So poetic! The sun rises (there is smog) and he dies. I think? Ah, the sun burns him, so yeah, he's pretty much dying. Should probably have eaten meat instead of grilling himself?
This footage is actually BTS of the exhausted actors resting between scenes, but the director liked the lighting and was out of money anyway, so they just dubbed in dialogue and called it a drama.
It's not a very fast death though. They talk and talk. He tells her that he loves her, his girl from the forest, and she tells him she loves him. And that she's thankful. And now, he dies. What, those burns are totally lame! Rita cries. The End.
Oh, if only you were right.
[Sigh] And she's still not wearing gloves. Dental dams and body fluid barriers, people!! I guess we are to assume that Sad Dad, Liver Girl are cured and release back out into the world to pursue a life of religious fulfillment or something.

Well, not quite. We're in Kochenia, where Rita now lives. (Let's hear it for the accordion version of "Anniversary Waltz"). She sees a Beauty and the Beast book in a shop window and smiles a little to herself. She also runs into the blond girl that Ji-sang saved back in episode 1 and smiles some more. So wonderful. So good. Ji-sang sent her a letter and the voodoo doll who is poisonous and can carry knives. The blond little girl is sad that her savior died and Rita hugs her, gets cross-eyed and is sad with her.
Is Ri Ta a vampire now? She's all dressed in black.
I'm more interested to know whether they filmed this at the very beginning, when they filmed the other Kochenia stuff? They must have. And that means ... this was always going to be the ending!!!
Later, Rita is drinking in the streets alone ... she takes out a photo of her and Ji-sang on a date (taken by??) and is a bit sad. Not far from her, somebody taps his fingers. When she walks home alone, somebody follows her. Danger! Kochenian danger! She starts running, but what can she do against those vampires?
Didn't Ji Sang die to cure vampirism?
She should be more Sarah Connor badass than this, if only for the last ten minutes.
They threaten to kill her, but then, another vampire jumps in to save her. The bad vampires flee. He walks towards her and we see ... it's Ji-sang. And as their hands touch, the drama ends. Thankfully, it ends. 
So is it Ji Sang, or a Ji Sang doppelganger? From where, if so? Didn't you just feel moved by that long extended shot of him reaching to help her up?
Er... no?
[shakes head]


WTFedyfuck, drama. That is probably the worst final episode I have ever seen. You outdid yourself!!! It's a great achievement to be extremely boring and badly acted AND find the silliest nonsensical ending possible. I heard people speculate that they're in the afterlife when they meet again, but seriously? No. That's not the afterlife. That's Kochenia, where there are many Ji-sang Doppelgangers. Yeah, they all come from there and if you go look, you can find your own!!
I think I'll pass but thanks. 

But seriously: the premise here could have been pretty exciting, and even swoony.  ou can see all these little things that they did or tossed into the mix where they were thinking 'Oh yeah, this is totally going to catch on and be a trend - Luurvy dolls will be the next big thing!' stuff like that. But it just fell flat in so many ways. The acting ranged from 'curious choice' to 'I didn't hate it', which is not saying much. Even if particular interpretations were INTENDED to be silly or over the top, it just never had the intended effect. There was a LOT of wasted time, too. Too much corridor walking, too much revisiting the exact same pieces of information. With better editing, a cut of about 10 episodes, and better actor selection, this could have been something. Instead, I was left at the end - me, who WANTS to like things - I was left laughing at the end and thinking they should just have had him lying in front of his painting.
Shuk's only thought...