03 June 2010


Day 53 (a poem)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on June 03, 2010
This day
is dedicated to Jay
at Jamie Meg or Fanny Toe
(or whatever)
He knows what he wants

if given the choice between a 3-course, a 4-course, a 5-course meal or the buffet, Jay chooses the buffet.

Jay is running the ship...
it’s a chocolate covered ship
he wants to eat it
while he is seatid
on stage in his "lazy boy" chair
which rhymes with hair

He likes "Birds of a Feather"
no idea whether
that's just crazy talk or doing the walk.

maybe it's a game? Like: say everything scrambled? Like I go to want? Let's hope Jay is not going to us eat all? This is fun so much! And it is childish not the least in! I am laughing so much for grateful! And now I will watch Supernatural until I drop, goodbye.

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