Day 53 (a poem)

This day
is dedicated to Jay
at Jamie Meg or Fanny Toe
(or whatever)
He knows what he wants

if given the choice between a 3-course, a 4-course, a 5-course meal or the buffet, Jay chooses the buffet.

Jay is running the ship...
it’s a chocolate covered ship
he wants to eat it
while he is seatid
on stage in his "lazy boy" chair
which rhymes with hair

He likes "Birds of a Feather"
no idea whether
that's just crazy talk or doing the walk.

maybe it's a game? Like: say everything scrambled? Like I go to want? Let's hope Jay is not going to us eat all? This is fun so much! And it is childish not the least in! I am laughing so much for grateful! And now I will watch Supernatural until I drop, goodbye.