Lee Min-ho and his ... Clothes in Faith

Last time, we looked at Lee Min-ho hairstyles. This time, it's the different man-dresses he wears in Faith that I am interested in.
In general, the costumes in Faith are quite okay, though all of them look brand new, which is about as believable as Lee Min-ho's pearly white teeth or Kim Hee-Seon's perfectly manicured fingers and still red-without-roots-showing-hair after weeks and weeks in 14th century Goryeo. Anyways, the costumes are better than many other things in Faith. Especially Prince Deok-heung gets to wear rather fabulous garments.

Choi Young on the other hand doesn't get to wear anything splendorous, which is good, because it would be out of character completely - this famous Korean general (I'm sure he is wishing in his grave or in heaven or wherever he is that he looked just a little bit like Lee Min-ho in real life) is known for his modesty and simplicity. Nonetheless, Choi Young is sporting quite a number of different clothes (though it isn't quite clear to me where he keeps his various dresses - there doesn't seem to be any wardrobe in his room).

Cue this piece of OST. It will make this post far more epic, so I advice you to listen to it while reading. You better read fast though, it's only 1:52 long.

The Happy-go-Lucky-Red-Moon-Brigade Look

Points: 9/10

Before things start going horribly wrong in Choi Young's life, he is part of the Red Moon Brigade and in love. With a woman, and with life. The Red Moon Brigade is wearing a very nice, almost pinkish red under the armor. Quite the lookers, in fact. This costume only makes a brief appearance, which is a shame really, because the pink-red looks rather good on Lee Min-ho.

The Channeling-Lord-of-the-Rings Look

Points: 7/10

The first look we get of our Daejang is in his Woodalchi travel outfit in the rain. The rain dulls the nice blue color of the scarf, which is a shame and makes this outfit lose points. In my opinion, Lee Min-ho should be cast for any future Lord of the Rings film or spin-off and could totally play either a hobbit or an elf. Okay, maybe he is a little too tall for a Hobbit.

The I-am-Woodalchi-on-the-Road Look

Points: 10/10

This is what the Woodalchi wear under the travel cloak: A classic, matter-of-fact armor. In my opinion, it didn't get enough screen time. It's by far the best of the Woodalchi armors and it also looks the most comfortable.

The I-am-Woodalchi-in-the-Palace Look 

Points: 9.5/10

The In-the-Palace Look is more adorned than the On-the-Road Look and often looks a little uncomfortable. Especially the loin-piece of the armor, whatever that's called in English. That's why I deduct half a point. The In-the-Palace Look comes in two versions: A very splendid one, which has more shoulder parts, gold stuff, and grayish-reddish undergarments. Yummy. The one they use for fighting is just silver, with blue undergarments. I'm not complaining about this either. Why the Woodalchi get more shoulder parts and their General only gets the slightly strange wing-like shoulder pads is beyond me, though.

The Somber-Black-Leisure Look (in Variations)

Points: 7/10

Sometimes, Choi Young wears just black or gray-black clothes with a belt (of various colors) and an overcoat (I guess it's sometimes a bit chilly in the palace). The look is fully okay, but also totally unexciting. We also know since episode 21 that Choi Young is sleeping in black undergarments. The screenshot is a bit dark, but that's befitting for such an intimate scene, no?

The Imja-Couple Look

Points: 8/10

When Choi Young takes Eun-soo out of the palace the first of felt 100 times, he wears a functional travel dress. It's even less exciting than the black-gray leisure dress and I seriously don't like the leather thing on his chest. I don't even know what purpose it serves, since he always carries his sword in his hand, so it isn't a holster or anything. Nonetheless, I do like the romance in Faith and I do love this picture of the Imja couple.

The Blue-Gray-Ugliness Look

Points: 3/10

This is by far my least favorite of Lee Min-ho's look in Faith. Unfortunately, he wears it the longest. For ten episodes or so. Just figures that this drama does this to us. So many looks to choose from and they go for the ugliest.

The Blue-Gray-Much-Better Look

Points: 6/10

There is a similar, but much more pleasing look. He has puffy sleeves (not all that suitable for fighting) and weird shoulder thingies again. There is a little embroidery there, though, which does make this outfit slightly special (and almost extravagant for Choi Young's standards)

The Gray-Black-I-Almost-Died Look (Travel Version and Palace Version)

Points: 7/10

Suicidal Choi Young changes into the outfit below for no apparent reason other that he wants to go sacrifice his life. The look is okay. He also wears this outfit the 68th time he takes Eun-soo out of the palace. When he travels in it, he wears one of these overcoat things again, which have weird leather parts. I don't mind it so much with the gray-black underneath.

The Why-Do-I-Look-Almost-Like-Ki-Chul Look

Points: 3/10
Why? Seriously, this newest look is just ... weird. I think I could have done without you, Ki-Chul like dress on Choi Young.  
Unless ... this is a really smart and well thought-through thing. Choi Young is starting to show an ailment that is similar to Ki-Chul's. Is this a visual suggestion or hint that Choi Young is becoming more like Ki-Chul? Have I completely misunderstood this drama? Is it full of visual clues? Is there a deeper meaning to ... everything? Omo, do I have to watch it again, all of it!, to find out?!