My Top 5 ... KDrama Actresses

I admit that I am totally biased towards Korean Actors (who's surprised?), so this post is super easy. I simply don't like all that many actresses. 
To even be considered for this list, it is a necessity that I gave every available drama and movie they've ever been in a try and will continue to do so in the future - whoever the lead male is. I'll also try to be clear about why I like them... Collectively, it's because they tend to be casted for independent, strong and often humorous characters - and because they seem 'natural' (if there's cosmetic surgery, it's not apparent, at least not to me). 

Here we go .. tadaaa! My Top 5 Korean actresses.

1: Shin Min-ah

I like Shin Min-ah because she 
- is awesome
- is beautiful even with very little (apparent) make-up
- was in A Love to Kill with Rain, my first (and I swore at the time last) melodrama and my second KDrama ever
- is in Arang and the Magistrate, which is probably my favorite KDrama ever
- plays supernatural creatures so well


2: Kim Sun-ah
I like Kim Sun-ah because she

- is awesome
- is the most beautiful among my Top 5 (I particularly like her with shortish hair) ... that face! those lips!
- doesn't hold back when she acts and is even ready to put on a considerable amoung of weight (My Name is Kim Sam-Soon)
- tamed Cha Seung-won in City Hall and Hyun Bin in Kim Sam-Soon
- (almost?) died prettily in Scent of a Woman (I don't really remember whether she died or not, which is probably a bad sign)
- portrayed a single-mom so well and courageously in I Do I Do     
- I just realize she should be on No. 1 because I like her the bestest
 And then, there's this --- you go, Kim Sun-ah!!! I think Rain is still single. And I'm sure he wouldn't mind some Noona-lovin once he's out of military service

3: Gong Hyo-jin
I like Gong Hyo-jin because she  
- is awesome
- is beautiful without heavy make-up
- is super funny and often cute in whatever she does
- seems so comfortable around men 
- made the Greatest Love even more enjoyable to watch
- is the one you'd take on this kind of road trip  

4: Ha Ji-won

I like Ha Ji-won because she
- is awesome
- is beautiful - is such a great action actress (Kick-ass factor 10/10)  
- kicked Hyun Bin's ass 

(But hang-on ... I actually haven't watched everything she's ever been in. Ah, who cares - she stays on the list) 

5: Yoon Eun-hye 
I like Yoon Eun-hye because she
- is awesome
- is beautiful because she has slightly crooked teeth
- cross-dressed so well in Coffee Prince
- did well in Goong next to the stiff Jo Ji-hoon
- made Lie to Me almost watchable 
- feels like a friend


There's several that didn't (quite) make it on this list. First, there's Moon Chae-won. She could easily have been No. 5, because I like her whenever I see her - but I haven't really followed her career all that closely. Second, there's Lee Young-ah (is she actually called Young-ah-ah when a close person calls her?). She is feisty and fun in Vampire Prosecutor (and was okay in Iljimae). However, I also haven't followed her closely. Third, there's Kim So Yeon. Well, I have a love-hate relationship with her. In Athena, she was just too beautiful to be believable. In Prosecutor Princess, she had such a hateful character (at least at first) that I had a hard time liking her. I remain fascinated, but not fully engaged. Fourth, Park Shin Hye. Somewhat, I find her too 'soft' and too 'docile', though I do like her - how could I not. She is like a female puppy. I feel a protector-instinct towards her, which is totally weird. So no place on my list for you. Fifth: Kim Tae-hee. No, she doesn't qualify for the list. I've just seen her in My Princess. Lot's of fluff-fun and I did like her character a lot. Sixth, Kim Hee-sun. Yay for married women whith children. The first thing I'm seeing her in is Faith, where she is doing an overall okay job of portrying the Doctor from the future. Though she was much more fun in the beginning of the drama. Oh well, don't get me started on Faith. *over and out* (to watch the latest episode of Arang)