My Top 5 ... KDramas of all times least at this moment. Yes, this list is prone to change sooner or later, as everything in life is always changing, evolving, growing, advancing ... you get the drift.

So, while I still prepare for 'Faith vs. Arang Part IV, The Villains' (I told you it would take some time) I've decided to do some lists. I simply looooooove lists. They're such an efficient little tool to structure your life. And there's so many I could do! Favorite KDramas (this one), favorite male actors, favorite female actors, favorite characters male and female, favorite OSTs, favorite kiss scenes, favorite Kai Bai Bo scenes, favorite Piggy Back scenes, favorite soju scenes, favorite Korean food scenes, favorite car-driving-through-Seoul scenes, favorite ugly-duckling-to-Cinderella scenes, favorite fight scenes, favorite ... errr... I'm sure there's more.

And then, I can do least favorite of all the above. Awesome.This will never end. I like it.
Here we go. My top 5 favorite KDramas of all time-at this time are (what counts here is the overall impression): 
  1. Arang and the Magistrate: yes, I know, this hasn't finished yet - but, unless they completely mess up the ending, which is highly unlikely with these writers/this director, this is most definitely going to make it onto my everlasting Top 5 list. This show has everything a good show needs: a stellar cast, a script that always delivers in all departments (romance/mystery/action), beautiful cinematography (most of the time), a good soundtrack, awesome fight-scenes, etc.
  2. The Princess’ Man: I needed at least one Park Shi-Hoo drama on my list. So, between Prosecutor Princess, which surprised me in a very good way, and Princess' Man, I decided to go for PM because it is a sageuk (love them - does it show?), because it has less faults overall, and because it's one of the few dramas I watched twice.
  3. Vampire Prosecutor: I wanted at least one OCN drama on my list, cause their awesome. So, between Special Affair’s Team TEN and this, I'm choosing VP because it's funnier and because I love its cast better. Yeon Jung-hoon...Lee Young-Ah...Lee Won-Jong... must I say more? If I have to choose a season, I'm going for Season 2. Much better overall story, improved visuals.
  4. The Greatest Love: I wanted at least one Cha Seung-Won drama and at least one rom-com on my list. Between City Hall and this, Doko-Jin wins. And then, there's Gong Hyo-Jin. I can't have a top five drama list without her. Sorry,Kim Sun Ah, I do adore you, but Doko-jin and Gon Hyo-Jin beat you.
  5. You are Beautiful: Okay, I admit I'm the least sure about this. The hardest choice was between this and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. It's interesting their both cross-dresser dramas, but that's not the main reason why they had to compete with each other. If it's Yoochun vs. Jang Geun-Suk, then JGS wins cause I've seen every drama he's in. Also, this is the other drama I watched twice. 

I want to be honest with you, making this list was very hard. There's a ton of other dramas that almost made it and that I feel really, really apologetic for... Like Warrior Beak Dong Soo, Fermentation Family, Chuno (yeah, the ending sucked, but this was my first sageuk. It has such a high emotional value!), City Hunter, Queen In Hyun's Man ... And I'm so sorry Lee Min-ho isn't represented! 

Finally, I'm very curious to see how stable this list is going to be in the future. In fact, there's tons of dramas I haven't seen yet that I hear rumours-of-grateness about (yay, there's a new list-idea born! The Top 5 'want to watch most desparately' list).