Random Thoughts on ... The Beauty of Lee Jun-ki

Allow me to do some basic and stupid fangirling from time to time. All these analytic blog entries are giving me a headache.

I came across new post-Arang-and-the-Magistrate media pics of Lee Jun-ki today. He just has the prettiest eyes ever. Well, probably not ever, but they are very, very special. But why does he look so young?!

Jun-ki, I hope you get an exciting new drama project soon! One with lots of fight scenes, because I like you in fight scenes best. Sure, if you want to do a RomCom ... fine with me, too. But no movies, hear me? It's been bad enough waiting for Park Shi-hoo's return to dramaland, can't have that with you. And: don't forget to eat well and have some fun from time to time. Lee Jun-ki, hwaiting!