11 November 2012


Anticipating ... the End of Nice Guy

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on November 11, 2012
I'm currently marathoning this heart-breaker, despite all my trepidations. Man, it's good ... The writing is superb, as is the acting ... and I am simply not one to resist Song Joong-ki. The smiles ... that turn into those stone-cold looks ...the kisses ... with the stone-cold look ... them eyes ... the pain ... the pain ... the pain ...
I've just recently realized what an amazing voice the guy has and now I cannot stop listening to it... And he deserves his recent rise to super-fame: in terms of acting, he might be one of the best in his generation (by generation, I mean the 25-30 year old out there, all the Lee Min-hos and Jang Geun-suks and Lee Seung-kis, aka the ones who have not yet gone to the military but will have to go soonisher than we might want ...). Moon Chae-won is also quickly making it onto my Top 5 list, because her character is so wonderfully (or rather painfully) different from what we usually get in KDramaland...

I am very much enjoying this saddistic, painful, twisted ride - and it looks as if I were finally over my fear of melodrama! As a last precaution, I decided to abstain from watching the last two episodes (which air next week). Yes, my A Love to Kill-trauma has taught me well. But then ... I read this!
What the heck?! A Happy Ending????? Writer Lee Kyung Hee, that cannot be true, right? Let it be false spoilers, please! There are dramas that simply cannot have a happy ending. And this is one. Not with these kind of posters .... and this kind of story.
Even though I would be a very happy woman emotionally, I would be very sad intellectually. In any case, I will now definitely watch this drama to its end, and if it breaks my heart into tiny little pieces. I now actually hope it's going to do that. 

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