Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... Day 3

Hello world, this is kakashi! I was healed yesterday, but today... stalking mode, ON! A tweet, a tweet! Before lunch (unexpected pattern change). He says something about liking the peace and quiet ("좋다~~오랜만에느끼는 이 한적함ㅜㅜ") - yeah, welcome to a small town in Switzerland on a Sunday. Where there is not a single shop open. You are such a nice person, Joongi - you could also have said "how can people live in such a boring place??".
If you're lucky, Joongi, you might find a café that is open! In fact, if you can, go to Café Maron. Just down the way from where you are. It looks a bit shabby from the outside, but the do have the tastiest things! But I guess you shouldn't eat sweets, should you ...

Ah, yes, obviously I know where this is. He is back in Chur (on Ottostrasse), where he stayed on Friday. He may just be on his way through because he is not in the hotel. How I know? Because my husband ... called again.

Will I rush to Chur on a train now? No. Because I am pretty sure he is already gone. He may be going to the Jungfrau region next ... It's a lovely drive to the West, over the Furka-Oberalp Pass.