My Top 5 ... Permed Hair

Never in my life have I cared much about my hair. It just is. These days, it just is ... getting grayer and I am vain enough to dye it, but that's as far as I'll go. I am proud to say that I never, I repeat, never had a perm or that I never even considered getting one. Perms are ... just bad. There is not a single person in this universe who looks good with one (no offense intended. If you have a perm, you might very well be the one exception).

KDrama characters with perms are not exactly trending (thank the Gods!) but there is still quite a few that rock a curly mop, this year and last year in particular. I give you ... my Top 5 permed hair disasters! 

No 1: Full House Take 2 - Part 1

I am not watching Full House Take 2 for several reasons. One, because I need to pick carefully what I want to spend my limited time with these days. Two, because Full House (the original) was my entry drug into KDrama addiction and you know what they say about first loves ... They forever have a special place in your heart. So how could I cheat my first love with Full House Take 2 that has nothing to do with Full House, nothing at all?

And third, there's the hair. 
If there is an award for really, really bad hair, this actress deserves it. The only thing I could focus on while trying to watch Golden Time was her hair.

No 2: Full House Take 2 - Part 2

It's bad enough what they are doing to Hwang Jung-eum. But what they're doing with No Min-woo, whom I found soooo pretty (and enjoyably cold) in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho as half-human-half-supernatural creature and liked in Pasta. This man - yes, it is a man - is actually quite good-looking. Hard to believe when looking at this:

No 3: Wild Romance

Wild Romance is one of those dramas you never think you'd watch, but then you start watching and you can't stop and then it's over and it wasn't half bad. I'm one of the deranged few people in the world who don't like Lee Dong-wook and I particularly hated his moustache in this show. As this is not an entry about moustaches (gosh, another Top 5 list??!) but about permed hair, I present to you: Lee Si-young, who also is a gorgeous woman. If you don't believe me, just go and look for ... un-permed pictures of her.

No 4: Protect the Boss

Seriously, how is it possible to quasi mutilate and disfigure this statue of a man? I remember that his hair was a huge distraction. It might have been deliberate to make us not-like his character? Thankfully, Ji Sung got to change his hairdo somewhere mid-way in this drama, when his character became somewhat more normal. I'm beginning to suspect that curly hair in KDrama is a sign for craziness.

No 5: Boys over Flowers

Obviously, there cannot be any post about permed or curly Korean hair without mentioning Lee Min-ho as Goo Jun Pyo in Boys over Flowers. It's the most famous permed haircut in KDrama history to this day. And would you believe it - Lee Min-ho is the only one in my book who can halfway pull this off.