Random Musings on ... Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland

This was a fun day. But it wasn't a very productive day. Because I had to monitor Lee Jun-ki's flight (Korean Air 933) all the way from Seoul to Vienna and then to Zurich. AND I had to monitor the world's twitter activities related to @JGSHock. Man, there's a lot of people tweeting this guy ...

I did manage to get some work done, too, but who is interested in work when Lee Jun-ki is on his way to one's hometown?!
Okay, and then he landed at Zurich Airport at around 8pm tonight. Was I there? I was not.

Total FAIL.

But then, I had guests. My aunt and uncle. And my aunt even cooked for me and my family. Yes, tonight I placed my family over Lee Jun-ki. Do I feel bad about it? Not really. Here is why:
  • Because the poor guy just spent 16 hours travelling and is probably so tired he would welcome a temporary coma (though he is used that kind of schedule from Arang, no?). 
  • Because I am a married ajumma with kid, for crying out loud!, what has come over me lately?! (It may be the influence of some quite recent (virtual) friends, two of which have written guest posts on here. I tell you, these women ... they know how to fangirl! And how to make grabby noona hands! Hell, yeah!)
  • Because he is going to spend the next two weeks here. And this country is small. It has less inhabitants than Seoul. It will be a piece of cake to meet him. When he is rested and in a good mood. Strolling around in Zurich, totally at ease, because hardly anybody knows him here. (Sure, he might be the first Korean superstar setting foot in this country and I can imagine how desperate all the Swiss KPop fans are to finally meet ... any Korean superstar. But I warn you, Swiss KPop fans, this is not about KPop. No! This is about KDrama. Back OFF!) 
  • Because ... hope dies last. kakashi, hwaiting/ 화이팅!