Random Thoughts on ... IRIS 2 and the KIA K7

While I am still dealing with my post-Junki-in-Switzerland-depression, I've come across this very exciting Korean car advertisment.
Oh wait, it's a trailer! For IRIS 2!
Ah .... no. It's a car ad.
Uhm... ok, it is both!

This is much, much better than its 2010 equivalent because it takes (pre-show!) product placement to a new level. IRIS 2 will start airing in mid-February and they have that much footage already? Well done, show, well done (though we will have to see how Jang Hyuk measures up to Lee Byung-hun).
Jang Hyuk started my love for saeguk with Chuno, so I owe him a lot! (and Lee Da-hae almost killed it, but that's another story for another time). I did like IRIS, kind of, but never finished it. I did like Athena, kind of, but never finished it. So I'm probably going to like IRIS 2, kind of, but will never finish it.