Random Thoughts on ... Kids Doing Music

We live in a world where kids need to learn important things earlier and earlier. First foreign language? With 3 - at the latest. First instrument? With 2 and a half. And get them to do complicated calculations before they lose their first tooth!

What would you want your kids to be doing, music-wise? 

err... that's a no! No German music, please.

Would we want them to do this??
Yes, of course! That's awesome! Look at how well they play!!
Okay, I shouldn't say that out loud.
OMG, these are little robots, not humans! But they are so awesome!!! Where can I sign up to get my kid into that kind of training??
 (This is so not funny, kakashi, shame on you!)

No, obviously, they should be doing THIS! 
Because if they start training at an early age, they turn into this when they are grown up:
Or they should be doing this!! 
To become like this (Wow, Yoochun is really becoming more handsome as he ages, right? But I'm still not going to watch I Miss You)