Update on ... Stalking Lee Jun-ki some more

Lee Jun-ki is ... PACKING! Or at least he was, 11 hours ago. Hell yeah, I'm so nervous I can barely sit still... 
 "I am packing this and that and only the electronic gadgets are filling my carrier bag K..Ah…difficult. I’ve travelled so much but packing is still difficult." (translated by Elly from JGFamily)

Unfortunately, I had to leave my tent at the airport because ... well. Stuff. For example, I have a full-time job. And a family. Goddamnit, why must real life interfere all the time?!

I do wonder a little why he only puts electronic gadgets into his bag. But the biggest issue of them all ... there are no flights from Seoul arriving at Zurich airport today. Because there are no direct flights from Seoul to Zurich. You know what that means? It means finding the Lee Jun-ki needle in the arrival haystack. I am ready to stalk him a litte - but I am definitely not ready to stalk each and every young Korean male wearing a cap or arriving at Zurich airport tonight! 

kakashi you are a chicken!!!! Chicken!! Chicken!!!
I admit to being one. But at least, let me be a Chicken Maru.