Update on ... Stalking Lee Jun-ki

This woman here did some serious preparations over the last few days. I was getting ready to stalk! Lee Jun-ki is on record tweeting the following on November 1st: "Yes, yes, if there is Swiss family you may see me in mid-November"
Granted, this is a big vague. But let me tell you this: even a 1% chance of Lee Jun-ki setting foot on Swiss soil gets my heart racing. And so I prepared:

1) I did research. For example, I learned these rules by heart (after translating all the dialog into Korean). I also interviewed some 'professional' stalkers (JYJ fangirls, mostly). They were very reluctant to share their tricks, but I still managed to learn a few. 

2) I bought a tent, a new super-warm sleeping bag and a new flashlight. And supplies (among them Swiss army cookies and Swiss army chocolate). Given the vagueness of the arrival, I have to be ready to do some bivouacking over at the airport. It's a camouflage tent because bivouacking at the airport is not allowed in Switzerland.

3) I checked flight schedules (though I soon realized I didn't even know where he would be coming from). Flights from Seoul arrive in the evenings (which is a good time for me). They also leave in the evenings. There is only one per day. Sounds perfect! (but o_O... could there be the wretched possibility that he may consider landing in Geneva ?!)

All these preparations have kept me really busy. Imagine how shocked I was when I realized today that it is November 17th already!!!!! This can still be considered mid-November, yes? But ... where is the object of my desires?!

Back to Twitter. Ah, a new tweet from November 16! “Let us try to give our best in encouraging, working, playing, and loving each other.” And a picture of him with ... totally weird glasses. But you know what? I don't mind when he wears weird glasses. Weird glasses, weird hat, weird hair - I simply don't care.

Yes! Yes! Yes, Junki, I do love you! I'd also go out and play with you all day! But where are you? Where are you?! The window of opportunities is closing fast because he has tons of fan meetings coming up in Japan at the beginning of December.

I'll be setting up tent tonight and you'll better be coming. Or this noona is going to be very angry with you!