The King of Dramas ... Watches and more Suits

Time is of the essence in The King of Drama. Anthony Kim, defender of this title, looks at his watch fairly often. He may be down and out, but the man has quite the watch collection!
To my regret, they stopped showing close-ups of watches after Episode 1. Was the watch manufacturer just a sponsor for Episode 1? Most likely. 

Well, if I can't hunt for watch-pictures, I'll just hunt for suit-pictures. I am not entirely sure, though, whether you, dear reader, understand how difficult suit-picture-taking is. First of all, to be able to fully appreciate the beauty of Anthony's outfits, a full-body picture is (or would be) necessary. They are a rare species. And if we see him from head to toe in the Drama, he is usually moving fast. Most often he is strutting hotly. That's a tricky thing for good screen-shots (and that's why it's often Paparazzi quality at best).

And even if I manage to catch one of these rare moments - the beauty still cannot be fully revealed: because the art of Anthony's elegance is in the details. The watches. The vests. The cuff links. The ties. Even the socks! I realized the moment I saw these socks that this drama is so great, because it pays attention to such details. I am absolutely convinced Anthony wears cool socks all the time, even if we don't see them. And I am sure, the underwear ... oups. Sorry. Yes, I deserve one of these Anthony stares for this.

The Socks!