Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... the Aftermath (Part 3498, or something like it))

Is this Lee Jun-ki whining ever going to end, you ask? Probably not!

Yesterday, my Iljimae OST CD with a Joongi autograph arrived. My husband bought it for me on ebay the other week, to ease my heart that was breaking into tiny little pieces. And as a prize, because I was so good at geo-locating. But that was secondary.

I will simply make myself believe that I met Joongi in person and he signed this for me. I'm good at pretending (the only thing that bugs me: the CD is still wrapped and the autograph is on the plastic (as it should be). But it means I can never listen to this CD! Damn)

Doing well, Jun-ki, back in Asia? Seems so! But don't forget to pick your next drama project! It's very important for all our (or at least my) sanity to see you on screen again soon.