Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... today as well! (wearing Macos Adamas)

Will you believe me if I tell you that I did not plan to continue this series forever and ever?

But here we go again - I get up, I switch on my computer, I log myself into Facebook ... and there he is! Another Joongi picture from his Switzerland trip (from Lee Jun Ki / BG Family via this blog)

In a first heartsinking moment, I thought that it was Zurich in the background - but it's Lucerne. Ouf. It's okay, I already know he was in Lucerne. But him posing at the lake in Zurich and me not knowing/being there?! Not too good.

This time, it's not about his bag, but about the jewelry he is wearing. The Blog informs us that it is from Macos Adamas (마코스 아다마스) (their website is pretty cool! but I'm getting tons of Malware warnings for it).

The official site of Korean tourism informs me that
"Macos Adamas offers colorful accessories featuring crowns, swords, shields, lilies, and other symbols of Medieval Europe. Items with unique, luxurious designs are available, including famous pieces such as Gu Jun Pyo's ring in Boys Over Flowers, Lee Byung-hun's sunglasses, and a necklace featured in the drama IRIS. Items like these are popular among international tourists"
Not bad. I don't like their designs at all, but that is totally irrelevant at this point.

In the second pic, he looks a bit tired. I guess it's deliberate? So that we can see the rings and the bracelet.
These are the pieces he is wearing (according to the original blog post)- yes, you're welcome, Macos Adamas! I did indeed risk the health of my computer to get these pictures.

First picture (MA1108P)
Second picture, Bracelet (MA1139B)
Second picture, Ring (EA2014R)
Second picture, Ring (ER1225R)