Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... Blue Cars and Red Houses

Lee Jun Ki / BG Family posted another picture tonight! Though he is long gone and currently enrapturing fans in Japan, he keeps me busy.

I already identified the red house in another post (he was shown posing for this car-shoot in the recently released video) - but I have learned in didactics that it is good to repeat important things. That way, they stick.

Okay, this wonderful red house is located in the mountain village of Zuoz, in the Engadin (that's a valley). It is known as one of the most beautiful villages in the upper part of that valley. It's also home to one of the most prestigious boarding schools in Switzerland, the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz. That's what the village looks like right now (i.e. deepest winter - man, there's a lot of snow here right now!)
The red house that served as the beautiful background to a beautiful man (and a beautiful car, I guess?) looks like this: 
It's situated somewhere to the left in the village - as you can see, the peak behind the little tower thing is the same peak to the left in the picture above.

It seems Lee Jun-ki is very much into cars recently, with his Toyota Style Magazine shoot an everything. Can I assume everybody who reads this post knows what I'm talking about? Probably not.
For those who have not yet seen them and for those who have seen them (like me) but cannot get enough of them: A selection of Lee Jun-ki's Toyota Style Magazine photos.

Who dares call him a girly looking man now, huh?!