Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... MNet clip

Hoorray! Here I was, getting bored and a little sad because there was no more Lee Jun-ki footage ... but there is! A short clip was aired on MNet today/tonight about Joongi's Swiss adventure. Here are some pictures from it (thank you, JGFamily!). As always, I am happy to give you some more details (the video is below):

In this sequence, Joongi is running around in Chur. This would strike you as funny, if you knew that town. It's very nice, don't get me wrong ... but it's also very tiny. 34'000 inhabitants. He is mainly running around in front on Manor (see the half-covered sign in the background), which is one of the department stores in Switzerland (previously called Vilan). No chaebol family or hot (but dysfunctional) chaebol heir attached to it, unfortunately. In later parts of the clip, he is running up Poststrasse. I looked out for my mother or father-in-law, but sadly, they didn't make an appearance in the background.
On the map above (click to enlarge!), the A stands for Manor. You also see the hotel he stayed at (ABC Hotel).
This picture is from the car-shoot. We've covered that several times already. They picked the car up in St. Moritz (in the video clip, you see them pushing the car in front of the Kempinski Grand Hotel, which is shown below - but from the other side).
The shooting, however, took place in Zuoz, as you all know by now. There's the red house (wrote about that enough, I think) - and there is a yellowish house, which is on the town square. It looks far more yellow in this shot than in the movie. They probably photoshopped this one:
I also located the red house for you on the map. In the movie, they are also taking pictures of him further down (he sits in one of the windows). You see them walking past the little fountain indicated on the map. Can you see it? And do you like my red circle? The town square is just a little bit more to the right.
On we then go to Lucerne! Noooooooooo, Joongi! I told you not to eat Fondue!!! It is bad, bad food. It makes your stomach feel like a bag of stones. Where is he? At the restaurant Pfistern in Lucerne.  How do I know? Cause it says so in the background. Ouf. Saved. I wouldn't have had a clue otherwise. It's their "Weihnachtswald" (= Christmas forest) setting. Where you sit outside. Great way to freeze to death immediately! And you won't even notice the pain of the Fondue in your stomach.

And here's the video!