My Top 5 ... Elevator Scenes

Another Top 5 post, as I wait for new episodes of CDDA and KoD! As always, the same rule applies: The scenes might not be the best and the brightest, but it is the ones I remember most vividly. Truth is, there are quite a lot of elevator scenes in KDrama. I guess it's because walking up stairs is a) unsexy and b) cannot be captured on film quite as well. Or is it because there are so many skyscrapers in Seoul?

Cheongdamdong Alice

This scene at the end of episode 7 of Cheongdamdong Alice gets to go first because it gave me the idea for this post. It could have been a good elevator scene (in the sense of it leading to more awesomeness), but unfortunately, it was only a fake-out. Seung-jo is too stricken by the fact that Se-kyung actually likes him and doesn't even notice her (though she's right in front of him, across the hall). Right... Very much how things happen in real life. But who is interested in real life when they have CDDA? I can't believe I have to wait until January 5 for Episode 9!! And I realize I haven't been that much in love with a drama since A Gentleman's Dignity (any elevator scenes in that one?), though Arang and the Magistrate may have come close (definitely no elevator scenes there, unless you count ascending/descending to heaven). Unfortunately, my AGD love didn't end well at all - that drama started off so awesome and ended as such a disappointment! Here is hoping that Cheongdamdong Alice delivers till the end!

Prosecutor Princess

There are several elevator scenes in Prosecutor Princess. This particular scene is in Episode 14. It's a very, very sad elevator scene, this one; full of longing. Hye-ri and In-woo go out drinking together - and he apologizes to her, for using her against her father, to avenge his father. At this stage, both are in love (and they have kissed ... ahhhhh, that was a good kiss!) - but their love seems impossible at this point. In the elevator, they stand next to each other, both holding onto the bars for support. Their fingers are touching ... and though they really need support from each other at that very moment, they do not hold hands ... but move their hands away. After she leaves the elevator to go to her apartment, he sheds one heartbreaking tear ... most beautiful tear in KDrama ever, Park Shi-hoo. Well played! Park Shi-hoo --- king of abs and king of elevators!
IS THAT EVEN LEGAL???? (thank you, Yaa, for unearthing this)

Rooftop Prince

I almost forgot about this incredibly funny episode in Rooftop Prince , but latteholic triggered my memory ... thank you! This is what made that drama so endearing ... if only the cheabol-revenge story wouldn't have happened, this could have been such a gem of a drama. These boys! Priceless.  

Secret Garden

I have a love-hate relationship with this drama. When I first discovered it, I was head over heels ... as was the whole world, it seemed. 2010 was the year I discovered KDrama, so I didn't have a lot of experience. It was also my first time seeing Hyun-bin and Ha Ji-won. I hated him ... what a despicable character he played! Today, I realize that this type of pushy, jerky man makes a frequent appearance in Kim Eun-sook's dramas, which is why I don't really like them (though I always start off enthusiastic). Anways, back to the elevator. It's in Episode 15/16, when he suddenly finds himself in an elevator due to a sudden body swap and his severe (i.e. life-threatening) claustrophobia sets in. It is also the "big reveal" (though not very surprising at that stage), because we finally find out what happened to him ... and that her dad was the firefighter that died, saving him.

Que Sera, Sera

Que Sera, Sera is lafer's favorite drama. Initially, I felt a bit uncomfortable writing about it, but then she coached me, so it's okay. I have seen parts of it, but not everything - I think I stopped because it was too painful to watch these people hurt themselves. It is on my watch-(again-)list, however - and I do remember one elevator scene. It is in Episode 3, very early on, Tae-joo (Eric Moon *swoon*) is the biggest jerk ever and Eun-soo is a naiv, hapless country girl. They are neighbors (-- I think I'll have to do a Top 5 Neighbors post soon ^^ --) and ride the elevator together a lot. In this particular scene, the elevator stops, she is thrown against him, and he, mean person that he is, decides to kiss her (because he realized that she lied to him about having kissed before). So, kiss he does (that was probably the most surprising kiss ever in KDrama for me). While he is all smug and satisfied and having the upper hand, she says that this was fun. And she wants more. Haha, see him get off really quickly, totally flustered!