Random Thoughts on ... Cheongdamdong Alice

Two episodes of the much dranticipated Cheongdamdong Alice have aired. Time for some reflexion!
So... Is it as bad as we feared? Hell no!
So... Is it in fact good?? Hell yeah!!!

Seriously, I mean it! And I am not biased at all! Sure, I love Park Shi-hoo and I have listed him as my No 1 actor (even before Lee Jun-ki), but Park Shi-hoo aside, this drama makes me very happy.
Hello, diamonds, wanne be my friends?
The story, so far, could be called conventional - or worse, totally unoriginal (poor, but hardworking girl is mistreated at work etc. etc. etc., ends up with rich but spoilt and disfunctional chaebol heir etc. etc. etc.) - however, that's only at first sight. At second, the seemingly conventional is undercut by sometimes weird, often funny elements (when they are not very, very sad like the break-up scene in Episode 2, which was really much sadder than anything I've seen in Nice Guy) and I am pretty sure the writers have more of this in store for us.

The biggest unconventionality is our lead male character. It starts with the name, "Jean Thierry Cha" (pronounced Sha, à la French), and ends with his apparent insanity. His best friend is his psychiatrist, who asks him whether he is taking his medication as he should - betcha he isn't!!
cr: Raine
My first self-made gif!
I've seen Park Shi-hoo in almost all his projects and this is definitely his most fun role to date. So much similing and laughing! Deabak! Insanity becomes you! Him and his father: hilarious. His petty revengefulness: priceless. His genious marketing skills derived from hating golddigger women: much fun ahead.

There are other, little things, which make me hopeful for a fun ride. The music: zippy and used strategically, like the Kill Bill theme when he struts into Seo Yoon-joo's apartment. The topic of revenge: used with a smirk. Jean Thierry Cha: "Here comes Edmond Dantes"; next scene: Seo Yoon-joo tells her husband how she can relate to the fact that people like revenge movies like "The Count of Monte Cristo", because revenge is so much fun (of course thinking of how she is taking 'revenge' on Han Se-kyung for looking down on her). And in comes the man from her previous life, out to ruin her for his broken heart.
  Every Single Day (에브리 싱글 데이) - 소나기 (Shower) [Cheongdamdong Alice OST]

And of course, the acting: Moon Geun-young: A+; Park Shi-hoo: A+. It was reported that Park Shi-hoo seems a bit smitten with her, and said something along the lines of: "I feel like her looks are unreal during our shoots. It′s like she′s jumped right out from a romance comic; I can′t tell whether I′m in a dream or reality when we′re shooting." I'm with you, Shi-hoo! I can't stop looking at her and be fascinated ...
On I go with the positive things: we're only two episodes in, but they already showed us PSH's abs!!! How could I not love this show? They are also showing him in a set of wonderful suits (that goes for most of them), in which he struts and poses so beautifully. I could watch him in suits all day:
haven't quite warmed up to this one yet
The revenge-suit: my favorite!
To sum this up, I can't wait for the next episodes and I am curious to see how these two get together; who is using whom for what purpose and with what consequences; and of course, how this very unlike pair will fall in love. And I am looking forward to more Park Shi-hoo craziness and more Park Shi-hoo in suits. Stylist, you are doing well!