Suits in the King of Dramas (Episodes 1-6)

Major ahjussi crush alert!!! 

Anthony Kim (Kim Myung-min), our King of Dramas, is one fine looking man! I vote him the most elegant and best dressed of all characters ever, forever. His wardrobe is a piece of art, consiting of vests, jackets, trousers, ties, watches, cufflinks, pins, socks, shoes, and bags he carries.
When I set out to do a post on his suits, I wasn't yet aware that he actually changes them approx. 4 times in every episode. After spending an hour taking screenshots of him in suits, trying to do justice to all the different pieces (and only making it to episode 6!), I was starting to lose my mind, so I stopped. For now.
My favorite one! 
Which one is yours
(Getting this blogging platform to present the following pictures in a at least marginally acceptable layout took me another hour. The upside: at least I will never get bored that way! As a result, the order of suits is no longer chonological with regards to their appearance. See whether you know the scene/episode anyway! If you do, you're a true fan. If you don't, you're sane.)