The End of the World, Gangnam Style

Okay. The world is nuts and we're all gonna die. 

Did you ever doubt it? Kakashi has proof!

A while ago, people had strong suspicions that PSY was in the league with the devil aka the Iluminati. How else to explain his stellar success, right? Now, it has been revealed that he is in fact one of the Riders of the Apocalypse. Or, that's my personal theory, all four of them combined!
I mean, look at this picture! It is pretty clear that he is wearing special goggles, right? And with them, he can see how the sun is dying or exploding, or whatever the sun does when the world ends, i.e. this (totally pretty stuff, but we will not be able to appreciate it, because of the world that is ending):
Sun Pillar, cr: Nasa
And you know who knew about this all along? Nostradamus. This pretty fellow (I love how he knew that the world would end in 2012 and that's why he wore one of these beards that are really trendy right now in Northern Europe when his picture was taken back then (of which he knew that it would be used today, of course)):
Nevermind that many different people have claimed many different ends of the world based on his prophecies. That's being nit-picky. In one of Nostradamus' quatrain prophesies about the apocalypse, he foresees the following: 
"From the calm morning, the end will come, when of the dancing horse, the number of circles will be nine."
Cryptic? Not in the least! Watch this gem to finally become a true believer:
Calm morning = reference to the Orient = Korea (what else?)
Nine circles = nine zeros = the number of hits PSY's video will soon have on YouTube (hopefully on December 21, because otherwise, the prediction is kinda faulty). At this very moment, it has received 971.518.818 hits.
Dancing horses = horse dance
The end = the end
I like that the YouTube counter is the new doomsday clock. I like how this is bringing an absolute certain to my life that I have always craved. And I have started watching Gangnam Style over and over and over, just to speed up the process a little. While I do that, I keep staring at PSH's abs. If I've gotta go, I want to go while beholding PSH abs.
 Any questions? See you in the netherworld on 22 December!