The Romantic and Idol - definite watch! (Guest Post)

Romantic and Idol sends four male k-pop stars and four female k-pop stars to the romantic island retreat of Jeju. For four days and three nights (ooh smesky), these young men and women will experience dating (management company approved) and maybe even find lurve.

So when I first read about this show I thought
"Is it going to be like the bachelor? but for Idols?"

I should not have distrusted the PDs. This is after all TvN: Home of Panda and Hedgehog (watch if you have not done so already) and quirky, weird but ultimately sweet show Twelve Signs of Love/Twelve Men in a Year (the female lead is a ditz but the guys are hot and the story ends well).

So what's the Romantic and Idol like? So far, it's sweet, funny, as honest as a show with idols can get and did I mention sweet? The pd's did a good job in choosing idols that aren't too famous so you avoid the crazy obsessive overly enthusiastic fans getting upset because their oppa is "dating". They're still beautiful/handsome but not so seeped in k-pop world that they're conscious of their every move. Plus managers and stylist were not allowed.

The guys

2pm 'Beast' idol Jun-K aka Junsu: Lead vocals of 2pm. He's older, more mature and not afraid of skinship. A true gentleman 'Beast'. Sadly he hasn't taken his shirt of yet.  :(

"Listen to my heartbeat!"

JJ Project JB: K-drama fans will recognise his shy smile from Dream High 2. He's sweet and quiet but shows some manly flashes (he does a pretty good wrist grab. It made my knees wobble).
Aww the sweet smile
ZE:A shy guy Hyunsik: I don't know too much about him 'coz ZE:A is not my style but he seems a little broody. I see some flashes of the romantic in him but its too early to tell.

MBLAQ quirky guy Mir: Now I don't know how much of what Mir says is manufactured for your viewing befuddlement and how much is genuine but this guy is obsessed with eye mucus and doesn't like it when girls poop (per episode 1 of the show). Yet there is a certain charm to him and a hidden vulnerability that will hopefully come out before this season ends.

Will they find love on Jeju? I hope so. I've never seen a bunch of kids so excited to date before. It makes me feel old and jaded coz I'm so over dating.