The Romantic and Idol - Girls edition (Guest Post)

I'll confess I don't know any of the girls on this show or any of their groups. *ducks to avoid bean paste cakes thrown by angry fans*.
What? I'm a healthy, red blooded female...only the boys interest me.

Anyway, the girls/women on this show are really interesting. They seem very personable and 'real'. The only weird thing about them is that at least two are older than the guys (not that much older but every woman knows guy's don't mature until they hit their 50s). Now most non-korean k-drama/k-pop fans know how important age is in Korean society (because it determines how you treat and talk to the other person) so it's a little strange that the PDs chose younger guys.*  

It makes for great TV though.

The Girls
4minute’s 'ideal girl' Nam Ji-hyun:  Ji-hyun is on fire! Every guy wants her, every girl wants to be her.  She's not SNSD gorgeous but she does seem very easy going, open to trying new things and knows what she likes.

Apparently this move is driving male fans crazy. *shakes head*

Rainbow’s 'type A' Oh Seung-ah: No not obsessive compulsive type A....blood type A. Seung-ah seems like a fun girl as well. Her first meet with JB was really cute and though they both appear shy, they seemed to draw each other out.  She asked his blood type right away (Koreans aren't the only Asian people that believe blood types explain personality, behaviour and should be incorporated into dating decisions. The interwebs has some very interesting information on blood typing. In case you were wondering, I'm AB... a very interesting/weird breed apparently. )

She looks better on TV

FIESTAR’s Jei: Jei is just adorable. She looks the little sister every girl wants to have. She was originally paired with Junsu/Jun-K and they really hit it off. They are one of the fav couples on the forums and I am personally rooting for them to end up together.

Glam little sis

AOA's 'debutee' Hyejeong: Poor Hyejeong just debuted and then got paired immediately with Mir. Who then gave her the envious nickname of plum. Now it could be in reference to her baby fat, or because her skin has this peachy/plumby hue to it  but it's hard to tell with Mir. What I found interesting was that she opted to stay as his partner (watch the show!!!)

Nothing to say just didn't want her to be left out

You've met the cast now WATCH THE SHOW!!

*My one theory is that they chose the guys first and/or several of their first choice female idols or their managers rejected the offer to star in this show.