10 Reasons I'd Choose the Kdrama World over Real Life

Ahh, the Kdrama World. The more I watch, the more I get "Kdrama World envy." Sure, if I actually liked a guy and he barely gave me a lifeless peck after 16 weeks of relationship angst, I'm not gonna lie - I'd be more than a little disappointed and might have to take matters into my own hands. And of course there is a 150,000 times greater chance of getting amnesia. But there are certain aspects of the Kdrama World that you just can't beat. Here are my ten reasons, in no particular order, why I'd rather live in the Kdrama World (KW) versus real life (RL).
1. In RL, I can spend 2 hours on a hair style, walk outside and within 10 minutes the style is kaput. Lucky the woman who lives in KW! Have you been grabbed by the wrist and now have to run with your guy through rain, sleet, snow, or high winds? No matter - your hair will be perfect when you stop.  Not only that, even if you time travel and are away for months, you never get roots!
2.  Speaking of weather, in RL, I hate cold weather and wear 10 layers to keep warm outside, shivering like crazy all the while. No shivering in KW! No matter how frigid the temperature, all you need is a mini skirt and open coat. If it's really, really cold, a scarf loosely put around your neck by your love interest will warm you right up. But don't worry, you can still look cool and keep your coat open.

3. In RL, insomnia rules my nights, and the slightest noise causes my eyes to snap open and stay open for hours. But in KW, once you're asleep (which usually takes 5 seconds and can happen on a bus, outdoor bench or stranger's couch) someone can be 5 inches away, stroke your hair, brush your eyelashes with their fingers, and even kiss you but you will undoubtedly sleep like a baby through the whole thing.
4. The coveted parking space. In RL, I deal with  horrendous traffic, and have to drive around for hours to get a parking spot within a 10 minute walkable distance. In KW - no problem!  A spot will automatically be ready and waiting for you right in front of your destination, which you can speedily U-turn right into. 

5.  In RL, if you're lucky enough to find someone you're attracted to, it's often frustrating trying to find ways to run into him again. And when you do, it can be difficult to figure out what to say. But in KW, you are granted the powers of magnetic telepathy. This guarantees that in a city of over 10 million people, you will literally run into him every time you walk out of your apartment or turn a corner. And when you do, whole conversations can go on between you without so much as opening your mouth! 
6.  We all know that in RL, the job market is tough. You could spend months getting an entry job that's often not in your desired field. In KW, all you really need to do is say or do something totally embarrassing during the interviewing process, and you'll be handpicked by a hot guy over all the other, more qualified candidates. The thing that's especially great is you'll have the undying support of the said guy, AND a guarantee that the rich, young owner/president of the company will also fall in love with you! How great is that? 
7. On the topic of jobs, financial struggles in RL can often feel overwhelming. But in KW, it doesn't matter if you make your living sewing eyes on dolls, it is a well-known fact that you will own the newest cell phone on the market. Oh, and a magic closet with more power to have an endless supply of clothes, coats and shoes coming out of it than Mary Poppins' carpet bag.
8. Parent-child relations can be tricky in RL. A call from Child Protective Services is often threatened if you even look at your kids too sternly. But in KW, parents have free reign to smack even their adult kids into submission. Don't like the $5,000 handbag that your son's fiance gives you? It is totally acceptable, yes, even expected, for you to call her vile things and call off your son's wedding.
9. We are plagued with health-care woes here in the US. I'd rather wait to see if a bone will reset itself after a bad fall than pay the exorbitant price of an emergency room visit. In KW, did someone say something mean or shocking that made you feel faint? Off to the hospital you go for an overnight stay in a private room bigger than most apartments and a quick fix-up with an IV and vaporizer. And feel free to leave whenever you want and leave your worries at the door - no one ever asks you to pay the bill!
10.  Let's face it, RL is all about relationships. And it's a competitive world to get your man. You try to look your best in hopes of getting the attention of a guy long enough for them to realize how wonderful you truly are on the inside. But in KW, that step is eliminated altogether! You can be homely, disheveled, uncouth, and even agoraphobic and your magnetism will shine through!   Teased or made fun of while in school? Bonus points!  This makes it a sure bet that you will not only get the richest, most handsome guy to fall for you, but all available guys within 20 feet will follow suit, (to the chagrin of the popular bitchy girl,) and you will be loved by all. Except by his mother, who will always find fault. (But then again, that's often true in RL, isn't is?)

So readers, what are your thoughts? Do you have any special reasons why you'd rather be in Kdrama World?