Cheongdamdong Alice ... An Afterthought

Here I am, feeling really bad about my vicious rant last night. Yes: Cheongdamdong Alice still feels like a huge let-down - but I know how hard it is to write, act, edit, and all-in-all produce good shows (my uncle owns a production company and about 40% of all my friends are actors, directors, or authors). And I also know that in this case, as in probably all cases of good or bad Korean drama, a lot of people gave their very best, in fact, worked their asses off with little to no sleep, while I just sit there on my bed with my laptop, consume their hard work like fast-food and then judge it harshly.
All in all, I still think they look really good together.

Not that this makes the show any better. It truly was a let-down. But I am, and forever remain, grateful to those who make this little miracle called KDrama happen. So, when I found these wonderful pictures of Cheongdamdong Alice's Wrap-up Party (Monnie seems to have been absent), I felt like an ungrateful prick (can a woman be a prick?) and wanted to make sure I don't come across like one. In case Park Shi-hoo ever reads this blog and stuff. You know.

Here they are - plus a cute collection of NGs. 
Oh yes, looking like a boss there, Park Shi-hoo! And I've noticed that your secretary seems to like you in real life, too... cute hyung - dongsaeng picture.
hmm ... this woman is a little bit too close to Park Shi-hoo for my liking, but I guess it's okay. But no touching, hear me!!
glad to see In-hwa is standing so far away. because I know from well-informed sources that she has been baking cookies for Park Shi-hoo before. Cookies. You know what that means, right?
It's hottie Doctor!!! I wish to see you in another drama soon and please get a better role next time, okay?


dewaanifordrama said…
kakashi, I don't think you ever need to apologize for being critical of poor writing in a drama. You made some lovely and wonderful gifs for us all to enjoy, and even if the writing was poor, it doesn't mean that the actors and everyone else weren't trying their best. Thanks for sharing those great BTS photos and that adorable video!
denwanai said…
Yes, that adorable video was full of warmth and affection among the actors. Where was it during the damn filming of this drama?
Rosie said…
I feel like I've been finishing so many dramas in the past couple weeks.. Alice was so much fun to watch. I did actually like how it ended (mostly), but of course miss the days when it was so hilarious, and gif-able.

Thanks for your hard work! I know you must've suffered much, having to stare at PSH so much.. I feel your pain.. really I do. ;)