Cheongdamdong Alice ... gif time! (Episode 10)

Sorry, peeps. I was kept from giffing yesterday by Rurouni Kenshin the movie. See, my husband refuses to watch KDrama with me - but he'll watch Japanese movies! And he urged me to download all of Bleach and Naruto so that we can catch up. I don't think so, hubster... I'm into KDrama now!  

Back to KDrama then. Wow, what an episode ... There is still a lot of hate towards Han Se-kyung out there ... for my part, however, I'm getting increasingly annoyed with Cha Seung-jo. What an immature, foolish, selfish ... sweet puppy. I'd love to simultaneously cuddle him and slap him over the head. Seriously, he'd better grow up quickly. 

Episode 10 is chock-full of many, many cute moments. And smiles ... *swoon* ... the smiles ... 
I tried to pick to cutest moments for this batch of gifs ... since we have to wait another 5 days for the next episodes. Enjoy! (By the way ... could this be another real life couple in the making? I do suspect that this chemistry is more than just acting ...)
 Goddamn woman: I nearly froze to death! Next time, don't let me wait!
 And round and round they go, they go, and round and round and round ...
Okay. I declare you bestest friends I've ever seen in any KDrama. Bestest and cutest. All of you. But wait ... Driver Kim also needs a woman! In-Hwa?
 Yes, you cutie-pie, can you purr for me please?
One of the forbidden smiles. I am sure they are not legal.
And round and round and round I go and round and round and round.
The idea was quite sweet to go to "Pahii la fronse" - but it also shows that you are both thoughtless and selfish, Seung-jo.
Awwww ... such a sweet couple! I adore you!
So ... I'm not complaining about the smiles. I do fear the possible heartache in future episodes. And a suffering PSH really makes me cry every single time.
 Another thing PSH is very good at is bromance.
 Tommy Hong's WTF moment. Serves you right, you evil scumbag. May you burn in rabbit hell.