Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 39 (KimJiCap)

Yaaaaaaaaaah! Oh yes, they did it AGAIN! What an episode. It actually had me on the edge of my seat ... well, I was laying down while watching it, but you know what I mean. Oh man. So GOOD! Thank you, Bi-dan, for doing something really stupid, because I absolutely loved this hour and what it revealed. And by the end of this? Min-jung is so BUSTED. Bustedish. She is going down. Downish.
JoAnne: I immediately started Episode 40 because hello, excitement! and then remembered I should stop, breathe, comment here, etc. SO GOOD.

Episode 39

What we thought was a rush to the airport in fact isn't - Jae-hwa and Bori are rushing to locate Min-jung! Why?! To make us die of nervousness?! At Bi Sool Chae, BaDIL is all: how good that that "wrong" mother disappeared with that misbegotten child. Fie, you! If she were Bori's, this would be your grandchild!
JoAnne: I don't know why they bother going for MinJung because it's not like she's going to give anything up even if she's caught redhanded... but it WAS good for what it got them!
Just as Moony leaves the company, tires screeching, Bori and Jae-hwa arrive. Jae-hwa runs up the stairs (after telling Bori to keep watch at the elevator - they have to make sure Min-jung cannot leave the building) ... and overhears Min-jung talking to her mom on the phone further up. He is extremely sexy like this, covered in sweat. He is also very smart and records Min-jung's phone conversation.
JoAnne: Why doesn't he tell her he did that? How would she be able to explain it away if he played it for her family?
And I cheeeeeeeeer when he walks up the stairs to confront her. Haaaaaa, the look on her face!! He slams her against the wall and demands to know where Bi-dan is. She calls him "brother-in-law" and he says don't fucking call me that (yeah, he says it nicer). Duh, the bitch plays dumb IHATEHERSOMUCH - and tells him she will make sure he will NEVER marry Bori. She gets scarier by the episode, wow. I'm glad he just laughs at her threats.
JoAnne: I seriously think they're turning her into a psycho at the end. And have you noticed that her hair is always a bit messy and dirty-ish now? And that her roots are showing? Her clothes are still on point but her hair is a wreck.
Bori hasn't listened to her Beau - she is running around in the company, opening random doors, shouting for Min-jung to come out. And here she is, coming from the staircase, looking ... vicious. Ack, that SMILE, that satisfied, evil friggin smile!!! Bori starts shaking her and I really hope for a punch! But no, Min-jung frees herself from Bori's grip and walks in front of some North Pole PPL signs. Smooth.
JoAnne: So you're telling me that this strange woman is running all over this business screaming bloody murder and there's not one security guard called, though.
Hm, Min-jung's make-up is really good in this episode. As expected, she says mean things to Bori (like: she abandoned her child because she wanted to get married so desperately), but that doesn't make these things true, and Bori sets it right: isn't it because she doesn't want to be kicked out from BSC? (which could be an acronym for BullShitCentral, but these days, we're totally liking them, aren't we? a little bit) Min-jung continues her threats (we already know them: how everybody's lives will be turned upside down if Bori becomes Eun-bi) and then, finally, the SLAP!
JoAnne: Every time someone slaps MinJung an angel gets its wings, a puppy is adopted from an animal shelter, and someone donates to the ALS foundation without making us watch a video first.
And not far, hearing the whole exchange ... BaDIL. Yes, indeed: your "daughter" stopped you from finding your real daughter.
JoAnne: MinJung, the walls of your castle are starting to crumble pretty fast...

But before things can get any uglier, Jae-hwa comes running (took him long enough, did he go to the toilet in between?) and tells Bori that Bi-dan has gone to the airport. From the car, he calls his ex-prosecutor colleagues to tell them there's strong suspicion somebody is abducting a child and to please DO something. What do they mean? It's HIS DAUGHTER! That earns him a gentle touch and thank you from Bori. 
JoAnne: Hurrah for the Prosecutors of Korea!
Veggie calls from the airport ... she's confused and doesn't know what to do. Min-jung has the beginnings of a nervous breakdown as she implores her mother to hurry - Moony is coming there!
JoAnne: Seriously, MinJung. You gave the woman a smart phone. Buy the tickets online and have the boarding pass sent to her phone. I would be a much better evil genius than you.

Moony gets to the airport first - Veggie and Bi-dan have just gotten their tickets. They stop in their tracks when they hear him shout, desperately, for his daughter. Quickly, hide! says Veggie. ... and drops the tickets. Bi-dan, on the other hand, says a sad goodbye in her head, about getting a good last look at Ahjussi's face. Veggie turns back to pick the tickets up from the floor and gives Bi-dan frantic hand signs to hide. That very moment, Moony sees Veggie. Game over!
JoAnne: I am overjoyed and then I remember that there are 10 more episodes. More like he earned an extra life.
But that STUPID CHILD, aaaaah! Instead of coming out of hiding, she is telling herself that she has to leave because otherwise, her mother cannot marry. And she walks away ... and boards a bus. WTF?! Just as it's leaving, Jae-hwa arrives - and a crying Bi-dan sees all of them meet there in front of the terminal: 2 fathers, one mother, one grand mother. The child ducks down and tells them not to worry - she'll come back home once they're married.
JoAnne: I will beat her ASS.
They frantically search the airport for Bi-dan, but she is not there. It's heartbreaking. Jae-hwa's prosecutor ex-colleagues, including Korea's Bill Clinton, get some redemption - they're at the airport to help! I find their "once a prosecutor, always a prosecutor" totally phony though. Everybody searches like crazy - even Big Kang is there - but they turn up empty. No Bi-dan. :((( This is quickly turning into a second Eun-bi case, which is dreadful ...
JoAnne: I had this horrible thought that they would do a 10-year time jump or something... so all the adults can look pretty much the same but Bi Dan would be a teenager.  And did you notice that Big Kang was on the phone identifying himself as Brown Bear? That means he's got the gangsters looking for the little trouble-maker too, poor little baby. And of course Bad Dad has ordered Jae Hee to gather up employees to help, too.
Min-jung and Jae-hee get quasi kicked out of Bi Sool Chae - because Eun-bi is coming to dinner, says Bong2. Min-jung gets teary eyed as she sees how excited everybody is about Eun-bi - and BaDIL almost faints as she remembers how horrible she was to Eun-bi.
JoAnne: Well they were never that solicitious of MinJung but fuck you MinJung you HAD a mother and threw her away.
Oh, the dilemma! BaDIL doesn't know what to do ... Min-jung wants to stop Bori until the end; Eun-bi coming to BSC means BaDIL has to leave; both things mean BaDIL cannot see her own daughter. Stricken by remorse, she cooks Eun-bi's favorite porridge.
JoAnne: To me it's a forgone conclusion that she will sacrifice herself in order to save Eun Bi. You too?
Later, she makes her way to Bori's house - and witnesses how Veggie beats Bori (they just had a heartbreaking exchange about Bi-dan and whose fault it is she disappeared). She pushes  Veggie aside forcefully and screams at her for hitting her daughter. And then, she turns to Bori and screams at her for letting herself be hit like this. Her Eun-bi was smart! How does she expect her to recognize her like this? Bori just cries and cries - she thinks she's going to die. Seeing Bori cry like this over her child reminds BaDIL about her own crying when her daughter disappeared ... and she finally touches Eun-bi, tenderly.
JoAnne: Very intense scene.
Bori faints immediately. lol. Alright, not so much lol cause I'm crying, but still. BaDIL has the touch of death!
JoAnne: Nah, I laughed too. Gratefully.

BaDIL took Bori to Bi Sool Chae, where she wakes up in her old room. BaDIL still cannot believe this is her daughter ... how can she not recognize her? Bleh, this is sad ... when BaDIL reaches out her hand, to touch Bori's face, she stops ... remembering Min-jung's threats. But! Ha, I like this. Instead of turning vicious again, she begs Bori to tell her everything about Min-jung; who she is, what her relationship to Veggie is, etc.
JoAnne: Wouldn't you assume you'd always know your own child, no matter what? And even if she was not a good mother, she did love Eun Bi. She just always thought she'd have tomorrow. So don't you think that realizing that you didn't recognize your own child, and then remembering the times you failed as a parent despite loving that child... that would be pretty painful.

She wants to storm out, to uncover things on her own, but Bori catches her hand and says "omma" (Awwww), "don't go. Don't meet Min-jung. You'll only get hurt". Please wait until Bi-dan is back - then is the right time to crumble her. YES!
JoAnne: Hell hath no fury like Bori Bori

Moony and Jae-hwa look at the CCTV footage of the whole airport - they look exhausted. And then, they find her! They now know she boarded a bus! They're going there!
JoAnne: YES to her being found, yes to these guys being buds, yes to everything

The Rest

Pregnant Jung-ran, devouring chicken after chicken, and completely over-the-top-in-love Big Kang ... hahaha, they had me in stitches. You can't be more of a side-character than these two though :)
JoAnne: Yes, they're cute but totally irrelevant. And can Ga Eul please be run over by a bus?
Min-jung tells Jae-hee that Bori most certainly deliberately abandoned her mother and child to get to marry Jae-hwa. Only somebody who isn't human could do a thing like that! is his answer. Yeah.
JoAnne: I wonder if Min Jung  never considers the possibility that inciting hatred toward someone by listing all the things SHE'S done as things THEY'VE done might backfire on her.

With Jae-hwa and Moony gone, Jae-hee and Min-fucking-jung take the opportunity to open up a new North Face store (or is it North Pole?) without them - while of course smearing their names. Ah, no, it's North CAPE. Oh - and look who's in the background there? :)
JoAnne: Isn't that @cherkell's special friend that always hugs her?
BaDIL seeks Min-jung out in the PPL store - she has something to say. She asks Min-jung outright about all her crimes (well, at least the ones she knows of), which is .... an incredibly stupid move, but hey! Who am I to judge. Min-jung goes into the offensive and threatens BaDIL - if she dissolves the adoption, things will REALLY get scary.JoAnne: Yeah, they're already scary.

Awww. when Bad Dad finally hears (from weasely Jae-hee) that Bi-dan has disappeared, he immediately realizes it must have been because she wants her mother to be able to marry - and he feels guilty for hitting his son in front of the child, certainly reinforcing that idea. He orders Jae-hee to get everybody at the company to join the search for this kid. Hey, that's noble of him. Jae-hee realizes that this probably means YES to the wedding as soon as the child is found.
JoAnne: Given what we've seen of this guy, does it seem likely he made Jae Hee and his mother live in one room, like Jae Hee said? No, it does not.
Min-jung has found Shady Servant! It seems a while ago, actually. And she tricks him into admitting to filing the missing person report,  into saying that Eun-bi definitely was in Head Seamstress' car before she disappeared and that he made a second hair pin for BaDIL, identical to the one GooDIL found on the scene of the accident. Min-jung records it all on the PPL phone. And she makes certain he will never directly contact BaDIL (who is looking for him).
JoAnne: MinFuckingJung. I have had about enough of her. No I'm kidding never enough there could never be enough of THIS crazy mess.
Finally, Veggie has enough - she calls Min-jung and tells her to come to the PPL restaurant. No, Min-jung ... she didn't get on a plane. You're basically fawked. She gets there in a gorgeous yellow dress - and hears that the child is lost. She looks shocked. Go tell them everything, says Veggie: Who you are, who Bi-dan is, etc. Oh, but look! BaDIL is there. And she hear it all. E V E R Y T H I N G!
JoAnne: Oh man, at what point did she get there, though? Did she hear it all? Does she know that Bi Dan is MinJung's daughter and that MinJung doesn't even care that she's missing? I'm guessing she didn't hear that part because Min Jung is still alive.


Min-jung is done for. It's only a matter of ... 5 episodes?
JoAnne: I don't think 5 episodes of misery is enough for that girl.

As for Bi-dan ... that was really well done. That girls know how to act! Ah, my heart is bleeding for her ... And that they brought in the fear that she might disappear, just like Eun-bi did so many years ago, that was realistic and scary and just helped to get me closer to a heart-attack as I was praying for somebody to find this little, scared girl!!!
JoAnne: She was fabulous - so clearly scared but so very determined.

Final Words

Alright! Somebody asked us to list the Social Media accounts of our lovely actors - these are the ones I know! Anything to add, JoAnne?
JoAnne: Just that it becomes immeasurably difficult to hate MinJung when you see how adorable she is in real life.

Twitter accounts:
  • Kim Ji-hoon is: @jiraishin99
  • Sung Hyuk (Moony) is: @SunghyukRed
Instagram accounts:
  • Sung Hyuk (Moony): sunghyukred
  • Lee Yu-ri (Min-jung): leeyuri007
  • Oh Yeon-seo (Bori Bori): ohvely22
  • Oh Chang-suk (Jae-hee): ohchangseokk