Flower Boy Next Door ... gif time! (Episode 7)

Thank you, thank you, thank you show, for existing and being so funny - but also so serious when needed. But don't become all too serious, please ... you know, because I want to make gifs out of you! Serious shows and gifs just don't go well together. That's why there's not all that many tonight. All the better, because it is getting seriously late again and I do have a life. Kind of.

Anyways, this episode brings us more of Jin-rak's anger management issues and secret identity, but also... cooking classes! The Return of the Panda Hat! Bromance that makes you wanna cry out of happiness! Translation hijinks! Jin-rak trying to get closer to his love (and, of course, failing)! Enrique getting what he deserves (a good scolding)! ... and too much Do Hwi. Begone, witch!
I guess there is no beating some of the rules in KDrama (or is there?), meaning first lead will get the girl ... but who is first lead? Do we really know it's Enrique? In any case, things between the two men (with the cutest bromance ever) will heat up tomorrow, judging from the preview; may the better one win!

I love how Enrique adores and challenges his new "hyung" all the time. And I love how he makes him realize that just sitting there and thinking about Dok Mi will really not lead to anything.
I love you two boys ... but you're not all too fast on the uptake, are you?! Do Hwi is clearly a witch - just look at her! And you know what they did to witches in the middle ages, hmmm?
The Duck March of Doom

how can one man be THAT cute??!!
Wow. A girl doing a wrist grab? This is super sexy ...