Flower Boy Next Door ... gif time! (Episode 8, Part II: Enrique)

Sorry, Enrique. You are very, very cute (though very, very annoying), but I'm on team Jin-rak. Forever and ever. I will be heartbroken when you get the girl and that's an understatement. I may learn to like you if you start acting more like an adult and a little less than a child, but you are just not a man to me.

- by the way: I don't mind you re-using these gifs in any context you want to; but you may consider crediting me for them. Cause Google image search knows anyways who did them. hahaaaaaa! -  
Yes. okay! I admit it. he is cute. very.
but he is also very, very annoying. take the sugary stuff away from him!!!
I have a lot of Schadenfreude when I see this.
Want another kick, Enrique Geum?
for a minute, I feared the dog would bite him!!!