Random Thoughts About..... Kpop Songs

Is the Success of a Song Directly Proportional to the Number of English Words in it?

He sings a full song in English! Success!!
Joining the LMH as starting picture bandwagon. *wink* Here's to 200 views!! by the end of the weekend.

Super Junior (SUJU) - Sorry, Sorry, Sorry.
English word count - 8
SuJu - "Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry"
Girls Generation (SNSD) - Gee.
English word count - 19 (Gee is an English word/ expression...kinda)
SNSD - "No, No, No, No"
(Ok so Jessica talks in English for the intro which isn't really fair but I counted the words anyway)

Shinee - Sherlock.
English Word Count - 5 
Shinee - "I'm so curious yeah"

You're welcome.