Fanpost for the Editor

Which editor you ask? THAT editor! 
The name of the funniest woman on Korean TV (ever?) is Kim Seul-gi. She was born in 1991, her Twitter account is @s911010, and she is part of the Korean SNL cast (as Go Kyung-pyo used to be, who plays Dong-hoon). Not only is she incredibly funny, she can also sing. Wow. I have such a huge girl crush on her! See this video with her and Jay Park (who is taking Kyung-pyo's place, I hear), in which she is a girl that finds out that her boy is experiencing sexual urges that she can't fulfill (English version). But hello, Korea! I think I must watch Korean SNL?

This is indeed already everything that the English Internet knows about this girl. That's a shame, really. She doesn't even have a proper name in Flower Boy Next Door, but she sure has left an impression. This post is dedicated solely to her... so read it carefully ... 
We first meet The Awesome Editor in Episode 1, when Dong-hoon and Jin-rak go to see her about their new webtoon. Both obviously fear her like death ... no wonder, cause she's like every male's nightmare and then some. Always cranky, always shouting, emotionally unstable, aigoo-factor 0 or less, and also quite violent.

She dresses in bag-like garments with appalling colors. She obviously doesn't care in the least how she looks. She only sleeps for 4 hours because she wants to get somewhere in life and the circles under her eyes make her AAA+ zombie-material.  
Yet, this passionate woman challenges uri Jin-rak to do something about this love of his (and he does ... kind of). Later, it is Jin-rak that gives her advice how to be a little more ... alluring to men (i.e. lower ones voice).
I was a little disappointed when this awesome woman developed a visible crush on Dong-hoon (since I had hoped for some Jin-rak-happiness in this), but I'm fully okay with it now. These two are just too sweet. He might not be the brightest of candles, but he has such an overall sweet disposition, every woman would be lucky to have such a man.
Have you also wondered how many countries they tried until they came up with the most puckered-lip-one? Hahaha. Papa New Guinea will never be the same again ...

By far my most favorite scenes with her are in the night club, when she comes to Dong-hoon's rescue. She is so cool. I would marry her this instance if I could.
And this is really the start of their "relationship", which might not be overly passionate (yet?), but shows their (mutual?) attraction. Frankly, Dong-hoon does not seem to be much in love with her (I think he is mainly puzzled and still very afraid of her?), but this is a man that is not swayed by beauty standards. Love how this show made us believe he was a shallow womanizer before showing us that he is earning money by doing something good. Driving drunk women around. Yeah, fooled us show. Him telling her that he quite likes the circles under her eyes? Awww, so, so cute ...  
We have two episodes to go and I do hope to see this couple as a real couple and happy together - without her having to change too much!
Flower Boy Next Door is such a wonderful show because it gives the unconventional a voice and a face; and the editor is one of the characters dear to me, because she is the way she is, awkward and loud, but true to herself.  
Love you, editor.