Flower Boy Next Door ... Official Pictures from @tvN_flower

Well, sometimes, Twitter is exciting, sometimes it is not. This week's Twitter pics from the @tvN_flower account do not reveal anything new (if you've already seen episode 11) and no pictures from episode 12 seem to have been released (yet). But: there cannot be enough love for this wonderful drama and this wonderful cast!

Here are some TwitPics, (almost) all of them with the tag line [이웃집꽃미남] 옆 집 사는 '405호 꽃처녀' 인사드립니다. 매주 월,화요일 밤 11시 tvN 방송! i.e. telling us to watch the drama. Yes, of course we are watching your drama, TvN. I will be very sad when this one is over! I guess I'm a bit like Jin-rak: always thinking of the bad that will naturally follow at the heels of something really good (like a nice present). Jin-rak, want to marry me?
 Haha, Yoon Shi-yoon is so funny :)
... and Park Shin-hye is so beautiful. I love how natural she looks.
Poor, depressed Jin-rak after learning that Dok-mi will move away.
Dok-mi and the game ... well, so far, it's doing more evil than good!
I keep seeing a washing machine in the background. What does this say about me?
I love Kim Ji-hoon's natural hair (and was as appalled as he was to see what Dong Hoon did to it!) - and admit here to having a very strong urge to lovingly tussle it.
This was Yoon Shi-yoon's and Park Shin-hye's Lunar New Year's greeting! awwww...
This is how I often feel: staring at a blank sheet of paper. Why doesn't if fill itself miraculously?
All I can think of when I see this is: Boy, you've got to eat more.