Flower Boy Next Door... Twitter Pics from @tvN_flower

Who's excited for Episode 14? Me! Me! Me! Will we get some noble idiocy or won't we? Is it even noble idiocy if somebody leaves his love temporarily to fulfill a dream somewhere else? I would say it is not: true love does not need constant closesness. And anyway, Dok-mi has manly Jin-rak to comfort her!! Rawr ...

tvN has released some pictures on Twitter in the last few days, with their usual "watch, watch, watch"-line: [이웃집꽃미남] 옆 집 사는 '405호 꽃처녀' 인사드립니다. 매주 월,화요일 밤 11시 tvN 방송!
Here they are:
I say: gulp. Please walk my way, boys!
Loved to have been there! :)
For a change, Dok-mi is being E.T.

sweetness on the bus. What a cute couple.

Another cute couple. I'm preparing a pots for her, and her alone. Best side character ever.

hahaha, look at his face. he is such a goof ball! (and she is so pretty!)

Cute: Birthday surprise on the set!