Lee Jun-ki and ... his Hair

We bloggers ... sooner or later, we all get page-view greedy. I do almost nothing else all day but observe the stats, trying to deliberate why certain posts get a lot of hits and some get less. On this particular blog, by far the most hits are generated by hair posts - though I am not sure anybody actually reads them. Going through my personal list of KDrama hotties, I realized that Lee Jun-ki aka Joongi aka JGShock has not yet had the honor. Well...

... this is exactly what the world needs: A Lee Jun-ki Hair Post!!! 

Warning: this guy has had some crugly hair... But you know you truly admire somebody if you don't care in the least.
(The usual rule applies: This list is not comprehensive - but is representative of what I have seen Lee Jun-ki in)

The King and the Clown (2005) as Gong Gil

Lee Jun-ki's hair in The King and the Clown ratings: 10/10
Lee Jun-ki is so incredibly pretty in his first hit ... Show me one girl who wouldn't want to look like him! The movie is really sad and terrifying at the same time (best mad-twisted king ever) and I like to stay away from sad movies and dramas; but I guess this one was worth it for its portrayal of "forbidden" love, desire, powerlessness and hate. Lee Jun-ki plays a feminine street clown/ tightrope walker who is prostituted to rich customers by his manager and becomes the plaything of a mad king. Therefore, Lee Jun-ki's hair is that of a woman: long and straight, often pulled loosely back at the top. Beautiful creature, you.

 My Girl (2005) as Seo Jung Woo

Lee Jun-ki's hair in My Gril ratings: 2/10 
We're going straight to hair-hell from here on. Lee Jun-ki plays second lead in My Girl - and I fully understand why Joo Yoo-rin (Lee Da-hae) prefers Seol Gong-chan (Lee Dong-wook) over Lee Jun-ki. Sure, Dong-wook's hairstyle is also terrible, but still better by a factor 400. It is a bit weird that I only remember this drama in the vaguest of ways ... isn't this a real classic after all? There are two men and one woman, she pretends to be someone she is not (cousin?) and she falls in love with the guy with the better hair. My viewing pleasure may have been tainted by Lee Da-hae, who will forever be known in kakashi-world as the woman who nearly destroyed Chuno. In my opinion, Lee Jun-ki should always get the girl (unless he is acting with Park Shi-hoo), regardless of the hair. It's really not his fault that they give him weird manga-hair when they can. I could have gone for 0 points in this case - but I'm on your side, Joongi, so I give you 2.

Fly, Daddy, Fly (2006) as Go Seung Suk

Lee Jun-ki's hair in Fly, Daddy, Fly ratings: 5/10
Ah, this movie... it is ... Ok, I'll admit it, I haven't yet seen it. But I want to. And I really like the picture with the book. Thank you, stylist. The hair is still on the manga-side and not all that great, but this is much, much better than My Girl. I'd say it brings out Lee Jun-ki's delicate features very well, without making him look like a weird doll-boy.

Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007) as Lee Soo Hyun/Kay

Lee Jun-ki's hair in Time between Dog and Wolf ratings: 8/10
Good drama. Lee Jun-ki is such a badass fighter, I would prefer to see him in action roles forever and ever and always. The hair in this is a mixed bunch - though the slicked-back version only makes an appearance in about 3 episodes, thankfully. In any case, this drama is proof that Lee Jun-ki looks good with short hair, too. Not that that's much of a surprise, with a face like his. You little angel, you!

Iljimae (2008) as Ryung/Geom

Lee Jun-ki' hair in Iljimae ratings: 9/10 
I liked Iljimae a lot, so I might be a bit biased - but this hair is gorgeous on him. Somwhat similar to The King and the Clown, but much more manly. And it pays off to have an actor with natural long hair (or at least parts of it) for a true mane of glory (see Park Shi-hoo in The Princess Man. Oh yum). But I deduct one point for making Park Shi-hoo suffer, Joongi: 9/10.

Arang and the Magistrate (2012) as Eun Oh

Lee Jun-ki' hair in Arang and the Magistrate ratings: n/a
Sorry, this is sageuk non-hair... Every regular visitor of this blog knows how much I adored this drama - but the hair is unratable; it's not even real. Actually, the constant top-knot made me angry, as I would have wished for at least one mane of glory scene ... but nada. And what about the post-army shower scene?! Isn't that kind of a rule in KDrama? Post-army dramas = post-army abs??? Boooooo (the quick baring of the arm-chest combo doesn't count).

And as a Bonus: Miscellaneous Hair

We all know that drama hair is not all the hair there is. In fact, drama hair is only a very small portion of the hair there is to an actor. I don't want to create the longest blog entry ever by discussing pictures of Lee Jun-ki's various and multiple hairstyles (we've done that with someone else already, have we not, lafer?) but I do want to add some more pretty pictures.

Pre-Army Hair!  

I find pre-army photos very intriguing. In them, we get to see the actors without any make-up and with almost no hair to hide behind. What we get is pure face - it's as if they were kinda naked. Kinda. Like so many that go in, Lee Jun-ki looks like a sixteen year old... 

Post-Army Hair!  

 ... and out he comes, not having aged a single day. Might he be a vampire? Here, we see Joongi, eager and ready for work and action. Cute.

Swiss Hair!

I studied Joongi quite intensively last year when he was very, very close to me. Unfortunately, only on Twitter pictures. It's a shame I didn't see him for real, cause I would have told him, as any good noona would, that this reddish phase of his is a no go. "Go black", I would have told him, "or brownish, if black doesn't do. But not red, please."

Dishevelled Selca Hair!

He posted this picture a short while ago. Finally I get to see the dog! The famous dog! Sorry, Joongi, but I much prefer Park Shi-hoo's cute kitty Jam-i. Though your dog could also go as cat, methinks... There is not much hair to be seen in this picture, but you look good dishevelled and unshaven (yes, I see the trace of a moustache). And the hair is black. Thank you.

Very Red Hair! 

Uh-oh! No, no, no! You look like Pumuckl! Zero points. Zero! Listen to your noona, pretty elf. (What, you do no know who Pumuckl is? Doesn't matter: Just be assured you do not want to look like him).

So ... have you chosen your next drama yet, Joongi? I'm waiting!!