More Twitter Pics of Kim Ji-Hoon ‏@jiraishin99

Flower Boy Next Door has finished shooting this week. Unbelievable, it will be over soon! Whatever way they'll take it (angst or noble idocy or not), this show was a big and overall pleasant surprise for me. Sure, the show has its faults ... but altogether, these characters are among the most intriguing I've ever seen in KDrama. And there was Kim Ji-hoon - my newest KDrama love - and his tweets. Well, he has not been quite as active on Twitter these days (maybe because shooting the end was so demanding? Or because he is a little bit depressed, just like his character?), but whenever he does tweet, I so enjoy his humor. Though I only understand half of it. Here are some of his recent Twitter images.
 마지막 촬영... 마지막으로 내자리에서 작업해보기 그리울꺼야 내자리 내책상 내의자
"The last shot: Working at my place - I am going to miss this place at my desk" (yeah and I am going to miss you, Kim Ji-hoon, I hope you take on your next drama soon! Maybe it's a 2nd Season of the Joseon X-Files???)
 쓸쓸하지 않은척하기
(Him:) 별빛천사... 커피 ㄱㅅ
(Her:) 마지막 촬영..추워서 오돌오돌 떨던 독미는 별빛천사를 만나 따듯하게 몸을 녹였답니다. 고마워요^-^ 맛있~~~~어 히히
(Fans made coffee? I'm guessing)
고독미씨와 행복한 한때.. 헤벌쭉... 한 진락.. ㅋ 어떤장면인지 궁금들 하시죠 ㅋㅋㅋ 궁굼해요~ 궁굼하면 방송봐요~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
A happy Jinr-rak (for once) - with a new hairdo? Gosh, what a sweet couple ... 
과연 무슨장면 일까나~ 홍홍홍
Yes, I also wonder what scene this is! And when we will see it. If we will see it. 
These two pictures were tweeted by somebody else (a Japanese friend)?

The pictures below make me grrr. Granted, in Episode 13, Do-hwi was given a vulnerable, more humane look. Too little too late, I'd say! A match made in hell, Jin-rak. Do not go out with this woman. Listen to your noona! (though it currently doesn't look as if the drama will pair them, a warning more doesn't hurt, does it!)
Nooooo! No date with Miss Cha. No. No. No. No.
과연 떡밥인것인가...? date with Miss Cha..........! 한편 이꽃남은, 회가 거듭될수록 점점 가슴이 저밀듯 아파오는데..! 🎵너엿으면조켓썰~🎶🎶 잠시후 11시 ep.11 본방사수!