My Top 5 ... Swimming Pool Scenes

This post is the little brother of the shower scene post. The baby brother post, really; there's nothing that can top a KDrama shower scene. Not even a swimming pool scene. In fact, I had troubles finding five swimming pool scenes with, ehem, half-nekkid men. For whatever reason, I thought there were tons of them, but when I got serious about writing this post, I failed to find them. Therefore, I went as diverse as possible in this post to show that swimming pools serve multiple purposes in KDrama. Sometimes, it's to show off the swimming abilities of some of the actors, and sometimes, it's to show them in tight wetsuits, dripping wet and ... where was I? Ah, yes... sometimes, the swimming pool is not merely a site for eroticism, but part of the story. Etc.

I give you: Five noteable swimming pool scenes, in no particular order.

49 Days

You thought Reapers cannot swim? Not if said reaper is played by Jong Il-woo. I happily quote from a Korean article translated on Hancinema: "In contrast to his teenage-looking face, his body was enough to attract the attention of all the female fans." Fans commented: "Jong Il-woo's body was really tight", "My eyes have been cleansed", "Jong Il-woo is perfect with no flaw" and more. What more is there to say? Well, the fact that the scheduler likes to woo women at the swimming pool is funny (=swimming pool used for comical relief), shows that Jong Il-woo can swim (=swimming pool used to show off abilities) and provides smecksy fanservice (=swimming pool used to satisfy ogling women).

A Man Called God

Anybody else but me who has seen this drama? It's not half bad - if you like action and Song Il-gook (but don't like dramas with an insane amount of episodes). Let me quote from another article, translated and situated on Hancinema: "Song Il-gook showed off his well-built body, formed through training for this role. He also showed off his increased stamina by shooting a swimming pool scene over 80 times". Song Il-gook is a true athlete in real life (doing triathlons and stuff), but he lost 15 kilos for this role. Well. Not sure that's healthy, but he surely looks good.
This particular swimming pool scene also serves multiple purposes. First, it shows off Song Il-gook's incredible body (=swimming pool used to satisfy ogling women; there's several instances in this drama, btw) and second, it brings his character together with the daughter of one of his enemies (=swimming pool used as plot device).

City Hall

Yup, City Hall again. Cha Seung-won and Kim Sun-ah? Dream couple. Plus, there's Lee Jun-hyuk (currently in the clutches of the Korean army), better known for his heartbreaking role in City Hunter. What's next, Lee Jun-hyuk, City Hangover? This swimming pool scene is funny (=swimming pool used for comical relief) and shows that Cha Seung-won and Lee Jun-hyuk can swim (=swimming pool used to show off abilities; though I do not like the whole body wet suits at all).

Boys over Flowers

There's tons of swimming pool scenes in this drama. Well, of course, since the lead lady plays a talented swimmer. When I went back to this drama to do some gifs, I couldn't believe I ever watched and liked it; the acting! the characters! everything! TERRIBLE!!! But I'm degressing. I decided to go for two out of the many swimming pool scenes. No 1: when Lee Min-ho falls into the pool early one and 2) when he plays a prank on her. The ducks are great. Though clearly 'photoshopped' in. Or whatever the equivalent is for film. I'd say that the swimming pool is used solely as a plot device in this drama. She agress to go to Shinhwa High cause of their state-of-the-art swimming pool. Jun Pyo cannot swim - she can (until she gets her shoulder insured because of him). But then, he learns how to swim for her. And when he gets amnesia (duh), she falls in the swimming pool so that Jun Pyo can remember (duh). Etc. 

Vampire Prosecutor 2

Finally, there is one classic use of the swimming pool in KDrama: The swimming pool as a site for murder. This is used in both seasons of Vampire Prosecutors. In season 2 (gif), it's for a movie. A vampire movie. A vampire movie within a vampire drama. In season 1 (still), it's also about a film production, but the murder is real, not fake.