Random Thoughts on ... Lee Jun-ki's Beauty in Time Between Dog and Wolf (Part II)

I'm done watching Time Between Dog and Wolf. I am so glad this show has kept me company over the weekend, when I suffered from the evil cold flu that is bothering friend and foe hereabouts! Lee Jun-ki's wonderful beauty made me recover in no time.

But Lee Jun-ki isn't the only thing that's good about this show! First, it is good to marathon something again after so long ... (I have started to life-watch last summer, which comes with benefits, but also some disadvantages). Second, this 2007 show is pleasantly free of Product Placement of any sorts. Third, the script is really good! I mean ... really good! There's surprises until the end, the characters are consistent (all of them!), even the side-characters are interesting... man, have I watched too many bad shows lately for this to surprise me?

If you need something to pass time before Joongi picks his next project (I hear I could be a movie, too! God forbid! You know how long the wait is for that?), this is a definite must watch. And if you don't like revenge stories, you may just look at some of the pictures of Lee Jun-ki. So many pretty pictures. And I tell you, this isn't the last post. There are two more. That's how many pretty pictures of this boy I took are...

Happy (Extended) Valentine's Day, Everybody!
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