Recent Twitter images by @jiraishin99 (Kim Ji-hoon)

My most recent KDrama love, Kim Ji-hoon, tweets like a pro. I love him all the more for it. These tweeting celebrities are so, so awesome. It's like this extra window into their real lives. Yes, sure, many of them don't have the time and many of them don't even do their tweets themselves. But judging from this wonderful exchange, both Lee Jun-ki and Kim Ji-hoon do indeed tweet themselves.

A while ago, I did this for Park Shin-hye's twitter pictures, this post is about Kim Ji-hoon's. He looks so cheeky-young in some of the pictures I had to go check his age again. But my crush is not illegal. And nothing against a little age gap of 5 years or so, right? Come to noona, sweet boy! This time, I'm skipping the Google Translate part altogether and go right for my own interpretation of what he's saying.
2 February: 요즘 좀 뜸햇죠 ㅋㅋ 깨금 진락 와타상 쓰리샷 ㅋㅋ 이꽃남 이번주에도 재미져요 ^^
My interpretation: All this rivalry is really getting to us, so we decided to get married to each other instead! keke ... saves us some trouble ^^
30 January: @ssinz ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진락이는 담당자님과 촬영중이래~~요 ㅋㅋㅋ 나는 슬기양의 닥써를 맬맬 봅니당ㅋㅋㅋ한개도안부럽죵??ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 근데뒤엔 뉴규?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아~~근데오늘은 본방사수 못햇뜸 ㅠㅇㅠ 
My interpretation: Park Shin-hye, look! It's my editor friend. She is so awesome and also a little bit scary ... kekeke. I know that many of the noonas out there ship me with her, kekeke ... I'm currently thinking about it.I think we would indeed fit together well. ㅠㅇㅠ
26 January: RT @tvN_flower 어제 촬영장에서 받은 김지훈오빠 @jiraishin99 사진 투척. 10년 전과 변함 없..지는 않지만 훨~씬 더 멋진 '남자'가 되신 원조 꽃미남!^^ 성격도 최고! 요즘 너무 멋져요! 
My interpretation: Retweet from @tvN_flower: Kim Ji-hoon is the cutest and nicest Flower Boy you'll ever meet! He has such a great personality! Everybody wants to marry him, we're not surprised!
24 January: @k2p611 너 이러고 자꾸 방구끼는 소리 할래 
My interpretation: Go Kyung Pyo, you loser, stop acting so weird! This is an order from your hyung. 
24 January: @tvN_flower 이렇게 찍은 사진의 결과물 ㅋㅋ 
My interpretation: @tvN_flower: we're pretending we like this food - but we don't. Give us more!  
21 January: 심심해요? 그럼 다들 인터넷 창을 열어봐요... 그리고 "이웃집꽃미남" 한번씩 검색해봐요! 모두 숙제에요.. 오늘도 실시간검색 1위한번 올려보자구영 ^ㅇ^* .무한RT정신. 
My interpretation: Are you bored? Okay, then look at me some! Go search the internet for awesome picture sof me and of my awesome show, Flower Boy Next Door. And re-tweet this as much as you can. I want as many followers as Lee Jun-ki.
16 January: Hello~ I'm kitty man. aka. Kyung pyo ㅋㅋㅋ 경표 잠바하나 사줘야징 
My interpretation: (this is my adorkable roomie Dong Hoon, being silly as always. I think I need to yell at him some more. jeez.) 
15 January: 새벽에 뜬금없이.... ㅋ 이웃집꽃미남 강심장 촬영할때엿죵^ㅇ^ 나 합성한거 아님 ㅡㅡㅋㅋ 
My interpretation: It's incredigly late (or early) once again, but they never leave us alone. Here we are, promoting our awesome new drama with these weird and stupid little signs.
(Is that Park Kyeong-Rim in the middle?) 
14 January (no comment) 
My comment: being the cool dude he is before or after the viewing/press conference.   
14 January: 7번방의선물! RT @SSujining 독미를 위해 총 출동한 이웃집꽃미남팀~!!! 꽃미남들과 차도휘이이~~! 참!오늘 밤 11시!! 이웃집꽃미남 3회도 많은 시청바래요! 
My interpretation: All 7 beauties have been assembled! Well ... beauties ... @SSujining (Park Soo-jin), you may be a very nice person, but what did they do to your face?! Anyways, tune in, tune in! Flower Boy Next Door, today at 11pm!
13 January (no comment) 
My comment: Episode 3 minus 1 day and already DEAD tired! (Filming episode 7, btw. This is Watanabe's apartment. The cooking lesson scenes!)
3 January (no comment) 
My commment: the plastic witch looks nice in this picture and not nearly as fake as in the drama. I feel for you, poor woman. Whoever gave you that nose should be punished for malpractise!  
26 December (no comment) 
My comment: At least give the poor man a bed!!! But the blanket is great. And I see his phone next to him. Good boy. Always thinking about tweeting when not learning lines, shooting, eating, or sleeping!  
24 December (no comment) 
My comment: Poor actor freezing on the set and doing some PPL. But wait ... FBND's outdoor sponsor is not The North Face, but Eider! Off with that jacket, Kim Ji-hoon!
5 November (no comment) 
My comment: *gulp*. can you do a shower scene soon? I'll add it to my recent post. And ... glad this is slightly out of focus. Anything else would be too much to take!